20+ Handmade Gift Ideas

Over 20 Handmade #Gift ideas you can make for the holidays | spotofteadesigns.com

It’s one month until Christmas! it’s time to get shopping or get making! I put together a list of 20+ Handmade Gift Ideas from things I’ve shared on my blog over the past few years. Find a topic and get crafting people!

PS If you do happen to make something inspired by a Spotofteadesigns.com craft, I’d love to see it! I’m working on a “Reader’s Feature” post for 2015 and would love to see more submissions! Please contact me here.


baby name garland | spotofteadesigns.com

Hospital Name Garland – if you know someone who’s expecting and they already revealed the name, make a little garland they can hang on the hospital crib and bet he envy of all the other babies on the floor!

Baby Headbands – Make them with satin flowers or felt shapes but make them in every color!

Custom Baby Onesies – use iron on letters to write your message of choice or create a onesie for each month of a babies first year!

Knotted Fleece Blanket – perfect for snuggling for those cold winter nights!


Handmade Cards using circle punches and scrap paper | spotofteadesigns.com

Thank You Cards – craft up a set of thank you cards for someone’s upcoming wedding or new baby! Or make a generic set of thank yous. Or a set with random themes that can be used all year long!

Hidden Treasure Books – hollow out an old book and turn it into a secret hiding spot on your bookshelf!


Beer Cap Clock Tutorial | spotofteadesigns.com

Beer Cap Clock – Great for the man cave or good old dad!

Painted Canvas Art – Made a coordinated set of canvases with a geometric pattern, animal themed designs or a simple Jackson Pollock style piece.

Yarn Wrapped Letters – make it for a new baby, decorate a playroom wall or just do a single initial for a friend!

Glittered Striped Frame – Make it for Christmas or any season, but add some glitter to a boring white frame!

Message Picture Frame – Use photos of the kids holding letters to spell out a message like “we love you pop pop”

Decorative Wreath – use up those fabric scraps to make something for the holiday season.

Stenciled Pillow – add the extra element of a fun button collage.


"Mommy's Time Out" Wine Gift with FREE #Printable | spotofteadesigns.com

Mommy’s Time Out – Personalize a set of mini wine bottles with this free printable

Soda Can Cake – Can easily be done with beer cans too!

Reinbeers – Dress up a set of their favorite craft beer or bottled root beer!


Bird's nest Necklace | spotofteadesigns.com

Bird’s Nest Necklace – add pearls or gems inside the necklace to represent kids or grandkids.

Wood Bead Necklace – This simple DIY involves painting and stringing.

Garden Charm Bracelet - If necklaces aren’t their thing, collect charms on a charm bracelet in a specific color palette.

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Parenting: Why We Enrolled Her In Daycare And a GIVEAWAY

#Parenting: Why We Enrolled Her in Daycare | spotofteadesigns.com

I’m a VERY lucky mom. Not only did I give birth to an adorable and smart little girl (bias much?) but I was able to be a stay at home mom for her entire first year. It was something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m so glad we were able to swing it.

Fast forward a few months where an opportunity arose that I couldn’t pass up. It was for a part time work from home job doing web and social media – fields I love! I loved the content I was working with and felt good bringing in some money to help our family. While I was able to balance playing with her all day and working during each nap or night session, it started to be a strain on my time to do both.

A Work at home mom's reasons why she put her daughter in daycare #parenting | spotofteadesigns.com

I’m lucky that I was able to be at home with her during her entire first year. I’m proud that I was able to successfully breastfed her and hopefully gave her a strong immune system for the germs that awaited in a daycare setting. (Not strong enough apparently since she got Coxsackie Virus her second month there!) Even though I’m home all day, once she turned one, we decided to put her in daycare two days a week and here are a few reasons why:

  • Brielle is obsessed with other kids. Just because I was a “stay at home mom” didn’t mean we stayed at home all day! We took advantage of music classes in the area, went to the playground often and had play dates with other stay at home families. Brielle would always walk right up to any kids playing, wave and do her best to communicate with babble. At one year old, it was time for her to get more social interaction on a daily basis instead of our weekly encounters with passersby.

Why we put her in daycare: learning how to share | spotofteadesigns.com

  • Brielle needed to learn how to share. We’d see her play with her cousins and, like most kids this age, was very possessive of the toys they had in hand. She needed to learn that sharing is ok and it doesn’t mean you’ll never see the toy again. In the same regard, she needed to learn that throwing toys wasn’t a good idea!
  • At a year old, she was less “fragile.” I just can’t imagine putting a 6 week old baby in the hands of a stranger to take care of them. I respect the moms that need to do that to work for their families but it is just unfathomable to me. They just seem so small and delicate at that age. But at one year she is stronger and while not invincible, I feel like there are a lot less dangers in her everyday care and sleeping situations which relaxes this mommy’s mind.

Spotofteadesigns.com reviews the @HaloInnovations Early Walker Sleepsack with a one year old

  • Brielle needed to learn how to go to sleep on her own. First time mom confession time: I nurse/rock my daughter to sleep. Having someone else put her down would hopefully break our habit and get her more comfortable with that skill. I’m happy to report that we’re having success these last few weeks!
  • I had dedicated time to work. Or run. Or dry my hair straight. Or take a shower by myself. Or literally run in and out of store because I was just picking up one thing real quick. I wasn’t trying to squeeze in my work hours at any quiet moment I could. Instead I could sit for hours on end and focus on one project at a time, if I wanted.
  • I could have a lunch date with my husband. Not only am I lucky that I got to see my little one every day, but Derek, my husband, works only 5 minutes from home. A RARITY in our state to say the least! He comes home most days for lunch so he too could see our little bundle grow into the funny girl she is today. And on days where she was in daycare, we could have a lunch date at home or out which was good for our marriage.

Personalized Waterproof Stickers for a child's items for daycare via NameBubbles.com as seen on Spotofteadesigns.com

Now that she is in daycare, I pack her snacks, lunch and milk each morning. To help keep her items separated from the other kids, I have happily applied her personalized Round Labels from NameBubbles.com. I purchased the smallest pack and this 48 count of dishwasher and microwave safe labels have gone far! They’ve been through countless cycles of cleaning and they’re still stuck on tight!

Personalized Waterproof Stickers for a child's items for daycare via NameBubbles.com as seen on Spotofteadesigns.com

My daycare doesn’t require that we label clothing items, but for those of you who would be using those type of facilities, you might also want to check out their Daycare Labels pack which includes their other sticker types for clothing and shoes! I have them on some of her accessory items, like this hoodie and run them through the wash! Learn more about NameBubbles.com through their website or follow them on Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Pinterest | Instagram

spot of tea designs giveaway notice

The great people at NameBubbles.com are offering one lucky Spot Of Tea Designs reader a set of Round Label stickers of your very own! To enter, complete the rafflecopter form below (or mobile users enter here: Rafflecopter Giveaway) before November 28th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

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Playing With Gold Jewelry Accessories

I’m more of a silver jewelry girl myself. But I had a bunch of gold accessories in my collection of jewelry making materials. I decided to take them out one day and make something with them.

Misc Gold Jewelry materials | spofoteadesigns.com

In just a short amount of time I made the below necklace accessory:

Gold and Pearl accessories necklace | spotofteadesigns.com

You know this necklace will only be worn at places where Miss Brielle isn’t in hand!

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Bright Eyes Blanket #WhichBEBru {Review}

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a product sample by Bright Eyes Blanket for this post, but the opinions expressed are my own. To learn more, please review my disclosure policy here.

Spotofteadesigns.com reviews Bright Eyes Blanket, from the makers of Snuggie

Like many kids her age, Brielle is really into learning about life and the everyday items we wear and use. She knows Daddy’s hat goes on his head and shoes go on our feet. She likes to comb mommy’s hair or wash her hands when we’re doing dishes. It’s just a really observant age.

Brielle in hoodie | spotofteadesigns.com

I took the above photo of her a few weeks ago when she was interested in my hoodie. We’ve since put her in her own hooded sweatshirts and while she’s really into pulling out her hairties and taking off hats, a hoodie she’ll wear.

Spotofteadesigns.com reviews Bright Eyes Blanket, from the makers of Snuggie

Imagine my excitement when I was contacted by Bright Eyes Blanket, a plush blanket character with Glow in the Dark eyes from the makers of Snuggie! They’re soft blankets with cute animal heads and little pocket areas for hands to keep warm. You can see in the original photo at the top of this post how she was instantly drawn to it, giving it a hug while still in the package – something she completely decided to do on her own! Upon opening it she was really interested in the face, where we went over where the eyes, ears, nose and mouth went.

Spotofteadesigns.com reviews Bright Eyes Blanket, from the makers of Snuggie

She even laid down to give it a snuggle.

Spotofteadesigns.com reviews Bright Eyes Blanket, from the makers of Snuggie

While she’s obviously a little young for this size, its still fun to put on an walk around like you’re a panda bear! I only wish the paws had actual hand holds to put your hand in to be the panda. There is only a small triangular pocket to slip your hand in but the paw part itself is attached separately. Otherwise, this was a super cute blanket that she now calls her own.

Want a Bright Eyes Blanket of your very own? Check out their fun “Which Bright Eyes Blanket Are You?” Facebook Quiz and see if you’re a Playful Puppy, Kool Kitten, Darling Duck or a Precious Panda. (note: quiz may not be mobile compatible) At the end of each week, one person will be selected to WIN a Bright Eyes Blanket of their very own!

Learn more about Bright Eyes Blanket on Facebook | Twitter | Website

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Thanksgiving Placecard Pillow Boxes with Recycled Paper Tubes

DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links. Know that I only share and promote products I personally use and stand behind. To learn more about my affiliates, please review my disclosure policy here

#Thanksgiving Placecard Pillow Boxes made with recycled paper tubes and toddler fingerpaint excerise | spotofteadesigns.com

Years ago, a tradition was started for kids to make the placecards at our Thanksgiving table.


Since my sister and I were the only kids for a good chunk of time, most of the earlier ones were all made by us! But once my cousins and nephews started popping up there was a new look to these turkey, corn, or pilgrim filled classics. You can see quite the collection of past family designs my mom kept throughout the years.

Kid made #Thanksgiving Turkey Place cards | spotofteadesigns.com

Last year my nephew, Blake, took a turn, creating these super cute feather turkeys with my sister.

Toddler Fingerpaint activity turned into #Thanksgiving feather placecards | spotofteadesigns.com

This year, Brielle and I were making an attempt to create these one of a kind placecard designs to decorate the table. First we brought out, none other than our finger painting gear – Crayola Primary Washable Fingerpaints and a Brights pack, and an old black t-shirt as a smock.

Toddler Fingerpaint activity turned into #Thanksgiving feather placecards | spotofteadesigns.com

Now over a year old, she was understanding what fingerpainting meant, unlike some of our earlier attempts. She knew when I put a drop of paint down, she could use her hands to smush it around.

Toddler Fingerpaint activity turned into #Thanksgiving feather placecards | spotofteadesigns.com

I also gave her a paintbrush to see what she’d do with that but the messy painting was her favorite.

Turn toddler fingerpaint exercise into feathers for #Thanksgiving | spotofteadesigns.com

After cleaning up and drying out, I turned her fingerpaint mess into fun feature shapes with a fringed edge.

Turn recycled cardboard tubes into mini pillow boxes | spotofteadesigns.com

We turned ordinary recycled cardboard tubes into little pillow boxes by squeezing them to make an oval shape then folding in each side.

#Thanksgiving Placecard Pillow Boxes made with recycled paper tubes and toddler fingerpaint excerise | spotofteadesigns.com

After wrapping with construction paper and attaching a name with a brad, these toddler made feather placecards were ready for the table!

#Thanksgiving Placecard Pillow Boxes made with recycled paper tubes and toddler fingerpaint excerise | spotofteadesigns.com

Knowing that my family loves some sweets, they will each find two little peanut butter cups to enjoy hopefully AFTER dinner. (but knowing my family, they will be consumed beforehand!)

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Holiday Postcard GIVEAWAY {CLOSED}

DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links. Know that I only share and promote products I personally use and stand behind. To learn more about my affiliates, please review my disclosure policy here


Tick tick tick. It’s time to work on those Holiday cards!

Holiday Pet Photography Tips: How to get gret shots for your holiday card! | spotofteadesigns.com

If you’re looking for tips on photographing you dog for your holiday card, make sure you check out this post from SOTD Contributor, Jamie.

DIY tutu tutorial for infant | spotofteadesigns.com

Or, if you’re looking to photograph your baby girl, you better get working on that DIY Tutu!


No matter how you’re getting them photographed, make sure to check up on the latest deals at Shutterfly or Tiny Prints, my preferred place to get my photocards printed! This is a sample of the cards I printed last year!

Spotofteadesigns.com Holiday Postcard #giveaway

For those of you not planning to do a photocard but are looking for something unique, check out my full collection of illustrated card designs at my Cafepress Shop! I used to make one every year before we had Brielle and loved sending them to family and friends. Some of my favorites included my original and still popular “Ho Ho Hoot“, the punny “Holiday Snail Mail” and the fun to read “Classifieds“.

Signs of #Christmas Holiday Card offered in the Spot of Tea Designs Cafepress Shop

I added a new design to the shop this year, one that I call “Signs of Christmas.”


In honor of the holiday Christmas Card season, I’m giving away as set of some of my previous designs to one lucky US resident Spot of Tea Designs.com reader! Each are printed on glossy stock with an envelope to ship.

Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below (or mobile users can use this link) by November 16th.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Don’t forget that I still have the Plush Stuffed Animal Giveaway from the Woven Soul Etsy Shop going on now too!

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Holiday Gift Guide and a GIVEAWAY {CLOSED}

DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links. Know that I only share and promote products I personally use and stand behind. To learn more about my affiliates, please review my disclosure policy here.

Spotofteadesigns.com Holiday #Gift Guide for Him, Her, Bloggers, Crafters, and Kids

With the holidays fast approaching, I thought I’d help out readers with some suggestions for holiday shopping. Unlike A LOT of other blog posts on this topic, this list includes items we personally USE and LOVE, not something strictly promoted by a company during this season. Hope they line up with someone on your shopping list!

For The Crafter / Beginner Photographer / Beginner Blogger:

Holiday Gift Guide: DSLR Tripod and Wireless Remote | spotofteadesigns.com

Joby GP3 GorillaPod SLR-Zoom Flexible Tripod. This tripod is not tall, but great to capture your own step out shots of projects using your DSLR. If I need more height, I flex around the feet onto the top of a chair. I’ve used this tripod to capture fun crafting projects with Brielle, including our Valentine’s Card, Mother’s Day Cards and Father’s Day Picture Frame and highly recommend it for the blogger, mom or beginner photographer!

Vello FreeWave Wireless Remote Shutter Release for Canon w/3-Pin Connection. I use this in conjunction with the above tripod (see attached in above photo). It allows me to get the shots but also continue to help Brielle with her crafting project. I can easily click the button with a live shutter release or wait for the delayed timer to kick in.

(photo credit: Paisley Maizie Etsy shop)

DSLR Camera Strap Slipcover with Lens Cap Pocket – I’ve purchased two camera strap slipcovers, one with a lens cap pocket and one without. Both are SUPER cute of course but I obviously prefer the one with the pocket! Find a ton of them on Etsy but I personally love mine from the Paisley Maizie Shop! (In fact, I’m putting another one of these on my Christmas list since they’re so easy to swap out for a fun new design!)

EK Success Honey Bee Non-Stick Craft Scissors These are my go to scissors in my crafting tool carousel! They have a non-stick tip so you can easily cut stickers or other tacky surfaces without getting them stuck to the scissors. They have a sharp precision tip which allows you to easily cut around any shapes when doing fancy cuts. If not online, try looking for them at your local craft store. They seem to be moving away from offering this product so grab them while you can!

EK tools Craft Tweezers I love these tweezers. First, just like the Honeybee scissors, they have a non-stick tip so they don’t stick to anything which is great for cutting up stickers or working with hot glue.  Second, they aren’t like your beauty tweezers. They actually hold the item when you aren’t squeezing the tool together and release it when you do squeeze. This makes it easy to pick up and work with small embellishments when crafting up a storm!

Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board  You’ve seen me use this to create the paper rosettes for my Cards Garland for my wedding and the mini envelopes as this tool helps create nice creases for crisp folds. You’ll no longer need to go searching for your bone folder as it conveniently stores in the flip top lid in this crafty case!

For The Chef/Baker:

Holiday Gift Idea: Pampered Chef Nylon Knife - works great cutting through sticky snacks like Rice Krispies Treats or Brownies | spotofteadesigns.com

Pampered Chef Nylon Knife. This knife is great for sticky sweets! I use it when cutting brownies, blondies or Rice Krispies Treats and love that it will smoothly cut up my snacks without sticking to the knife surface! It would make a great stocking stuffer due to it’s small size.

FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealing System – We received this machine at our bridal shower and have been LOVING it ever since. We even gave one to my parents last year for Christmas. It’s great when you buy you meat in bulk, make one large batch of stuffed shells or bake up some toddler muffins and need to save some for the future. Buy the FoodSaver large rolls  and use this machine to cut, seal and vacuum bags in whatever size you need!

Group Dinner Idea: Tips for a great TACO bar. Use this soft tortilla warmer! | spotofteadesigns.com

Tortilla Warmer 12″ – Insulated Fabric Pouch. We’re big fans of taco night in our house. Whether it’s just Derek and I, or we’re feeding the whole family, we use this tortilla warmer to help us have a fun dinner. You put the tortillas in the pouch, pop it in the microwave and enjoy a warm wrap for your lunch or dinner. (See more tips on how to host a great taco bar in this post)

Snapware Large 2 Layer Cupcake Carrier I had another cupcake carrier before but the cupcakes never sat in it right! This container is great as you can put 24 cupcakes in it or a small flat sheet cake!

For the dude:

Holiday gift guide: idea for the dude - Open Beer Here Bottle Cap opener and cap catcher for deck | spotofteadesigns.com

Open Bottle Here Wall Mount Bottle Opener and Beer Bottle Cap Catcher. We have an awesome backyard with a large deck we spend afternoons and nights outside for fun summer parties and the occasional outside dinner. With a dad who works for a brewery, you can bet we enjoy some bottled beverages in this space so this wall mounted bottle opener and catcher are conveniently attached for outdoor use. Note: You can just buy the bottle opener but the catcher is key to make sure you don’t have random bottle caps floating around! It can be easily detached to empty it when it’s full.

Energizer Trail Finder Pro 7 LED Headlamp Sure, Derek laughed at me when first opening this from his Christmas stocking last year, but wouldn’t you know, that he loves it for projects around the house! He no longer needs an extra hand to hold the flashlight when he’s working in the dark as this little lamp is positionable at all different downward angles! Pretty sure it’s the best present I ever got him. :)

Powerwasher. I love me some before and after photos but I never get to catch them for all our power washing tasks. Come spring, anytime in summer or early fall, you can find Derek outside finding SOMETHING to power wash. Sidewalks, our shed, yard equipment – Derek loves to see the transformation of some powerful water spray turning a moldy, dingy mess into a sparkling clean surface!

External Hard Drive. This is a big generalization, but most guys I know LOVE electronics. And I happen to also surround myself with a bunch who love organization. This is a great gift idea for both reasons but also because I always want to encourage people to BACK UP THEIR PHOTOS! In case you’re looking for an idea on how to do this (Ahem – Aunt Linda!) you might want to look back at this post. We currently have three of these ones WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Auto Backup

For Her:

Family photo home decor accessories from @Shutterfly - photo cubes | spotofteadesigns.com

Photo Gifts. Shutterfly makes great photo home décor items and gifts for those sentimental souls! You’ve also seen me use  photo books they have to create my own themes, such as my Pregnancy Journal, Family DictionaryLike Father, Like Son book  and Brielle’s birthday party guestbook, but I’ve also used the books with the themes as is to document 2013 as a year in review, 2012 wedding and several vacations. I also happen to love the photo cubes I ordered and displayed on our Family Gallery Wall in our living room!

Vera Bradley Large Duffel Bag. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with anything Vera Bradley but this particular bag size is one of my favorites which I used for all our overnight trips for years. I even got a new one for Mother’s Day this year, which will allow me to pack all Brielle’s items when we’re away from home!

For kids:

Top 10 Favorite #Baby Items Newborn to Four Months| spotofteadesigns.com

If you have a little one at home, check out my post for the top 10 favorite baby items for a newborn to four months of age.

Top 10 Favorite #Baby Items 5 Months to One Year | spotofteadesigns.com

And if they’re a little older, check out part II with my top 10 favorite baby items for five months to a year!

Spotofteadesigns.com reviews Kiwi Crate, a monthly subscription service of kids arts and crafts | spotofteadesigns.com

Kiwi Crate Activity Kits Monthly Subscription Give a child ages 3-8 the gift of creativity with a Kiwi Crate! Each month a box arrives with all the materials to create several educational and creative activities surrounding one theme. These are great for rainy days, snowy winters or just to occupy a creative child. My nephew Blake (age 3) completed the activities in the kit we reviewed back in May and my sister loved that all the pieces needed were included right in the box!
For a limited time only, save $10 on all Monthly Subscription packages with code NOVEMBER10. 

Personalized Waterproof Stickers for a child's items for daycare via NameBubbles.com as seen on Spotofteadesigns.com

NameBubbles.com Personalized Labels – Once Brielle started daycare we needed to label her sippy cups and Tupperware items to keep it separate from the other kids. Per recommendation from my sister-in-law, we ordered a set from NameBubbles.com and have been completely satisfied with our order! The stickers are not only bright and cute, but are waterproof and dishwasher safe. I added them in September and we haven’t had any problems with any of the ones we applied.

Spotofteadesigns.com Holiday Gift Guide: for bloggers, crafters, him, her, babies etc

spot of tea designs giveaway notice

Spot of Tea Designs readers also know that besides the items seen here, I’m also a big supporter of those who make handmade items, commonly featuring Etsy shops.

Handmade Plush Stuffed Animal from The Woven Soul Etsy Shop | spotofteadesigns.com

Kate, of The Woven Soul, gifted Brielle the adorable handmade kitty plush which I featured on a Handmade with Love post. She is also generously giving away one of her adorable plush animals (choice of cat, dog or bear) to one lucky Spot of Tea Designs United States reader! Enter through this Rafflecopter Widget below (or mobile users enter here) by November 13th for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

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Entry Mirror Makeover with Deco Art Americana Decor Paint

DISCLOSURE: I am part of the DecoArt Blogger Program and was provided product samples. I only promote and share products I personally use and recommend! To learn more, please review my disclosure policy here. Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt American Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint | spotofteadesigns.com Like many homes, when you walk in the front door we have a vacant wall, perfect for the good old entry table and mirror combo. 4.5 years ago when we moved in, we purchased a table from Pier 1 that fit perfectly in this space and a mirror with a beaded detail edge to hang above. Entry way mirror makeover: the before shots and how I decorated them | spotofteadesigns.com I LOVE to decorate this space for each season, like the birthday setup from Brielle’s Pinwheel first birthday party or when hanging the Fabric Scrap Wreath I made for Christmas. But when we recently redid our home office and foyer (upcoming blog post alert), I had a chance to reevaluate this area to which I realized… this dark mirror is just too big for this space! Sure a cute round one with fun details would probably be perfect here but I wasn’t into shelling out more $$ when I could work some magic to redo the one I already had. Enter: DecoArt Americana Décor Paint in Chalky Finish. Entry Mirror Makeover featuring @DecoArt_Inc Americana Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint | spotofteadesigns.com Chalk paint is something I’ve seen on a lot of blogs lately and am always drawn to the look. It’s important to note that it’s NOT chalkboard paint but rather a thicker paint that doesn’t require any priming. I chose a soft turquoise color called Treasure as a pop of color on my wall and a clear wax to seal it once complete. Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt_Inc Americana Chalky Finish Paint | spotofteadesigns.com To complete this DIY transformation, I first covered my mirror with some scrap paper and painter’s tape and used a rag to clean off any dirt from the mirror. After applying one coat of paint to the whole frame I went back for a second for a thicker application. It’s not required but I felt like I needed it for my particular piece. Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt_Inc Americana Chalky Finish Paint | spotofteadesigns.com After drying overnight (not needed, but it was how my timeline worked) I took a good look at the mirror and took the plunge to go shabby chic. By rubbing a fine piece of sandpaper along all the edges, corners and a tiny bit around the beaded accents, the original dark color came through for a unique distressed look. Make sure you thoroughly clean all the little material that came off from sanding, including in all those nooks and crannies before the next step. Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt_Inc Americana Chalky Finish Paint | spotofteadesigns.com Apply the clear wax and after drying, grab a clean rag and start buffing the frame to your desired shine. Not sure if you can tell on the above photo but the left side was buffed and a glossy sheen came through while the ride side was still very matte. Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt American Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint | spotofteadesigns.com My mirror was done! I love the pop of color this now gives with our new grey walls! I do see lots of texture from both my paintbrushed application and sandpaper distressing and I love it! Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt American Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint | spotofteadesigns.comWell hello there, me! :) Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt American Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint | spotofteadesigns.com I totally look at all the home décor pieces at home goods in a new light now. I can do that look myself! Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt American Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint | spotofteadesigns.com I can’t wait to decorate this space for holidays and each growing season! (Including coming up with a better non seasonal staging than this wicker basket of balls!) Learn more about DécorArt via their website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Youtube.

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