Elmo Birthday Party: DIY Punch Art Invitations

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#DIY Elmo #SesameStreet #Party #Invitations using punched shapes | spotofteadesigns.com

While Brielle isn’t a huge tv watcher, she will request “Elmo show” aka Sesame Street as we eat breakfast as she loves that red fuzzy guy. With a new baby on the horizon, we decided to celebrate her birthday a few weeks early with a fun Elmo themed celebration! It was immediate family only (as this 8+ preggo momma couldn’t handle much more) so I went the DIY route for invites.

#DIY Elmo #SesameStreet #Party #Invitations using punched shapes | spotofteadesigns.com

I dug through my collection of punches and came up with a simple system to create a punch art Elmo face on plain red invites.

#DIY Elmo #SesameStreet #Party #Invitations using punched shapes | spotofteadesigns.com

The black part of the eyes were made from a trimmed EK tools Large Retro Flower Punch, different sized circles were used for the eyes and nose and a large punched circle cut in half completed that famously large smile.

#DIY Elmo #SesameStreet #Party #Invitations using punched shapes | spotofteadesigns.com

I was able to quickly assembly the pieces with Brielle’s help (aka placing double sided tape in specified places). I knew my design was a winner when I showed her the invite and she immediate said “Elmo!” Yes! I got my toddler’s approval!

#DIY Elmo #SesameStreet #Party #Invitations using punched shapes | spotofteadesigns.com

Look for a future post showcasing more details about her Elmo birthday party!


Traveling With A Toddler: Packing List With FREE PRINTABLE

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Traveling with a Toddler: Packing tips with free printable. #vacation #toddler #tips #printable | spotofteadesigns.com

My sister-in-law and SOTD contributor Lauren shared a packing list she had been putting together and editing since her first vacation with my niece, Brinley. As we were joining them on our spring Disney trip, she passed along her list for my use.

Tips for Traveling with a Toddler plus a free printable Toddler Packing List | spotofteadesigns.com

After the trip, I edited this list based on our family’s needs and included all the things I learned along the way. Lucky for you, I’ve put together my new Toddler Packing List here which you can DOWNLOAD for your own use! Check out a few things I’ve highlighted below that you might not have thought of prior to your trip:

    • Ziploc baggies – With a toddler, you are always in need of a magical unending supply of goldfish crackers, pretzels, or yogurt melts so these baggies came in handy. I also used one for extra tissues (since my little travel pack of tissues never seemed to be enough), packed a peanut butter sandwich or two (for those long days when we weren’t sure if we’d find something in time to feed Brielle), to store the messy bib after eating instead of just throwing it back in the diaper bag and any other little odds and ends needed to be packed for our day in the parks.
    • Toss and Go Cups – While we love our Munchkin Sippy Cups (and I did bring two of them along) I also brought a few of these Toss and Go style cups that we could easily throw in the diaper bag when running out. If a restaurant didn’t have a kid’s cup (rare but we did experience one) I could pull ours out. We also ended up using one for a fun bath time accessories since we weren’t stocked with our normal bath toys on this trip or could’ve used it at the beach if our little miss liked the sand.
    • Mini Dish Detergent – Our Treehouse Villa at Saratoga Springs included a little kitchen area and dish washer so we were able to clean all the girls’ sippy cups and eating utensils each night. But sometimes we just wanted to clean something real quick in the sink and a mini container of dish detergent helped do the trick. I brought the remaining one with us to the second part of our trip since we were staying at a regular hotel room and we were still able to clean up her cups each night.

Traveling with a toddler packing tips with free printable: Silicon placemat for restaurants | spotofteadesigns.com

  • Silicon Placemat – Brielle is very used to eating at her high chair with the full tray so not having this on the trip was detrimental to her calmly sitting and eating. I’d throw down this Neat Solutions Sili-Stick Table Topper so she’d have a place to lay down her food. She’s not yet into keeping all her items on a plate so this helped make the eating atmosphere a little more familiar. Our niece Brinley also enjoyed this Neat Solutions Activity Table Topper with Princess Stickers style which kept her entertained while munching in her seat!
  • Night Light – Hotel rooms are notoriously dark so if your baby isn’t used to that, bring your own night light. Secondly, make sure you strategically know where to put it! With some other little being sitting on my bladder at all times and having to get up to use the restroom several times a night, we learned the first night that we needed to move the light source so I wasn’t casting a shadow over her way every time I got up and walked by.
  • Fold Up Tote Bag and Fold Up Cooler – A fold up tote bag can be key to easily become a beach bag, extra grocery bag or one that hangs off your stroller when bouncing around the park. The cooler bag can be key to keep items colder, especially when packed with a Ziploc baggie of ice at the bottom!
  • Travel Wet Wipes – If you’re like us, you have a large container of wet wipes near your sink in the kitchen to clean up messy toddler hands. When you’re running out of a restaurant as your toddler’s about to have a melt down, opening a pack of the individual travel wet wipes you have in your bag instead of bringing them into the bathroom to wash their hands is a quick fix and much needed item in that diaper bag!

Baby registry tip: add @Duracell batteries with any sleep soothing items you add (like this sleep sheep) | spotofteadesigns.com

  • Tip: Make sure you replace any batteries for items BEFORE you travel. We LOVE and still use our Cloud b Sleep Sheep – On The Go. The battery lasts forever in that thing. But we made sure to change it the night before we flew out so there would be no issues on our trip.


Maternity Essentials: Clothing and Comfort Items

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Maternity Essentials: from clothing favorites to comfort items. #pregnancy #maternity | spotofteadesigns.com

Try as you might, you’ll most likely need at least a few maternity basics during your pregnancy. I’ve already written up this list of my favorite maternity items to several first time mom friends so it’s now time for my SOTD readers to benefit on my experience! Forward to a recently announced newly pregnant friend or buy her something off the list and help get her prepared for the months ahead!


I’m not a fashionista by any means so I was always looking for basics that I could comfortably wear and mix and match in different ways. TIP: Give in and create a spot in your closet/drawers specifically for all your maternity wear options. Yes, it will most likely be small selection, but it will cause you a lot less of a headache to have all the things that actually fit you in one location instead of sifting through a ton of clothes you won’t be enjoying again for months.

  • TOPS:
    • These Old Navy Maternity Rib Knit Tanks are great as you can wear them with a cardigan on top in cooler weather, pair with shorts for hot summer days or rock them with skirts for dressy/casual look. Check out their website to see the larger colorful collection and make sure you sign up for their emails to take advantage of discounts and coupon deals!
    • Not all maternity tops have to have rouching on the sides to make it fit months down the road. I have several Liz Lange ones from Target that I love since they look like regular shirts. I can’t find a link to them on their online store so try checking in person.

Maternity Essentials: from clothing favorites to comfort items. #pregnancy #maternity | spotofteadesigns.com

    • These Old Navy Fold-Over Skirts were great as they could be dressed up or dressed down. I have it in both black and grey and wore them all summer long the first time around and have mixed them in when I could for number two. (Side note: it seems harder to wear dresses or skirts when you’re chasing around a toddler!)
    • As mentioned prior, I was REALLY against the full panel pants concept prior to my first pregnancy. But then I got to experience how COMFTY it really is! I have two pairs of low panel skinny jeans from Old Navy but found they were only good for the beginning of your pregnancy and got uncomfortable around my belly really fast. I was able to wear these full panel skinny jeans much longer, even into the warmer summer months.
    • On the same note, I love my Liz Lange jean shorts from Target with the full panel covering. (Again, no online link). You can see me wearing them at 7 months pregnant when we attended a really HOT Nascar race this May.

Two #Pregnant best friends with a "Future BFFs" sign for their unborn babies | spotofteadesigns.com

    • I have three pairs of these fold over waistband yoga shorts that I wear to sleep, over a swimsuit in summer, or as seen in the above photo, I rocked them in the hot summer days in 2013 when I was overdue! They’re SUPER comfy and grow with your growing bump. (Ok confession, I never stopped wearing these to bed, even after I lost all my baby weight from the first pregnancy. They’re just that comfortable!)
    • When in need of some warmth, I opted for these Maternity Role-Panel Yoga Pants which were just as comfy and soft as the yoga shorts, just in a full leg length.

Maternity Essentials: from clothing favorites to comfort items. #pregnancy #maternity | spotofteadesigns.com

  • DRESSES: I actually wore two regular pre-pregnancy dresses throughout my first pregnancy without stretching them out forever. But I also loved this one from Old Navy buying it in both blue and black. I wore this black one to my Colorful Baby Shower (seen above) and am now sporting it for my weekly pictures with baby number 2.
    • Once you’re at a certain point in the pregnancy, it’s probably obvious that you have a pregnant belly shape and didn’t just indulge in too many sweets. If you’re up for it, rock a bikini and show off the bump! Tip: Buy maternity swimsuit bottoms (I like these from Old Navy) and a new bikini top (since you’ll most likely need to go up a size).
    • If you want to cover up a bit more, I also had this maternity tankini that I wore with the same bottoms mentioned above, but I warn you that this doesn’t really fit nicely until your bump is a little larger. I wore this at 24 weeks pregnant with my first on our babymoon and it was a bit loose on me.
  • IMTIMATES: I rarely read much about this category of maternity clothing favorites on blogs so hopefully you can benefit from the below info!
    • Chances are you’ll need a new bra cup size pretty early in pregnancy. You’ll upgrade and soon realize that you also needed to get a bigger width due to an expanding rib cage! To get the most use out of these new bras, I bought this Maidenform Women’s 3 Hook Bra Extender Pack and was able to gain a few more inches of width instead of investing in yet another set of bras for a hopefully not so long period of time.
    • I never went the maternity underwear route so I can’t speak about it’s magic, and instead stuck with my favorite brand, Victoria Secret. I purchase a larger size of their string bikini style, which I was able to wear up into my 9th month, since the string style allowed for room to stretch around my growing bump.
    • Like many of your maternity items, sleep bras will be also be great once baby comes so it will have a longer life than 9 short months. While pregnant, you will probably want something to support your growing boobs at night and a soft, cotton Medela Sleep Bra will do the trick. Once baby is here and your milk comes in, you’ll need a soft sleep bra like this, or shelf bra nursing tank, in order to keep your disposable breastpads in, due to leaking. For that situation, I recommend Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads.


Besides the obvious need for new clothes during this growing season, you’ll also want some other items to help keep you comfortable in other ways.

Mama Mio #Pregnancy Skin Care line as reviewed by spotofteadesigns.com @Mioskincare

  • In your first pregnancy and your belly starts to stretch, it’s itchy! I used the sweet smelling Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter to combat this issue which both stopped the itchiness and moisture my expanding belly. I preferred this to that cocoa smelling brand!
  • This is the number one thing I tell pregnant friends to get when they first share their news and something I included in my Second Pregnancy: What I’m Doing Differently This Time Around post: Get a pregnancy pillow! You may think stuffing your bed with a ton of pillows will do the trick but these special pillows are shaped to help support your growing bump, back and give support to your legs during sleep. I love my Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow and am pretty sure I’m going to have a hard time giving it up post pregnancy!
  • In the beginning weeks of pregnancy, when you’re probably hiding your bump, or even once you do reveal the joyful news, a Belly Band can help you wear your pre-pregnancy pants but still be comfortable. I have one in black that I got at Target (again, no online link) and wore it often in the beginning!

Some last piece of advice/warning: you’ll wear a lot of these items after baby arrives too. Yes, you’ll loose weight at birth and hopefully more in the days/weeks/months after, but it does take time. It’s ok if you have to wear the maternity clothes (that you are no doubt stick of by then) but it’s just the nature of what happens. Wear it when the weight is going on and wear it as it’s going down. Make sure you read the Post Baby You for more advice on your body an mind after baby.


An EXPLOSIVE Gender Reveal Party {GUEST POST}

Fireworks Gender Reveal #party #baby #genderreveal | spotofteadesigns.com

This is an appropriate guest post to share today from Sara, being that it’s fireworks season! Last year, her daughter, Alyssa, was expecting and chose to do a fun Gender Reveal Party which literally ended in a BANG!

Fireworks Gender Reveal: food station #baby #genderreveal | spotofteadesigns.com

When my daughter became pregnant with her first child, she wanted to have a “Gender Reveal Party”.  I was surprised, but went along with it, and it turned out to be a lot of fun!  Of course, she wanted it to be “different” so how did they choose to reveal the baby’s gender? Even though it was February, they shot off fireworks to make the announcement!

Fireworks Gender Reveal: Guessing Game #baby #genderreveal | spotofteadesigns.com

Prior to the explosive reveal, we set up a game for everyone to play.  We created blue ties and pink bows out of cardstock and had guests write their name on the one they thought the baby would wear.  As you can see, it was pretty evenly matched.  Once the gender of the baby was revealed, we put all the winning gender shapes in a box, drew one out and gave the winner a $25 gift card.

Fireworks Gender Reveal: table display #baby #genderreveal | spotofteadesigns.com

A table display included two sets of baby shoes under a cake dome.  The shoes of the correct gender were brought to the hospital as part of the going home outfit, while the other was returned.

Fireworks Gender Reveal: dessert table details #baby #genderreveal | spotofteadesigns.com

We opted to treat guests with a coordinated dessert table, where everything was, of course, pink or blue.

Fireworks Gender Reveal: dessert table details #baby #genderreveal | spotofteadesigns.com

It included pink and blue cupcakes, cake pops, pretzels dipped in pink and blue chocolate, Rice Krispies treats also dipped in pink and blue chocolate, and white chocolate covered strawberries, dipped in either pink or blue sugar sprinkles.

Fireworks Gender Reveal: dessert table details #baby #genderreveal | spotofteadesigns.com

The hardest to find at that time of year was pink and blue Hershey kisses. We got creative, buying a “winter” pack (light blue, dark blue and silver) and a “Valentine” variety (pink, red, and silver) and kept the pink, blue and silver color palette.

Fireworks Gender Reveal: drink station #baby #genderreveal | spotofteadesigns.com

For refreshments we served pink and blue punch.  The pink punch was created using pink lemonade, club soda, cranberry juice and a little champagne, while the blue punch was alcohol free with Blue Hawaiian Punch and Minute Maid Lemonade.

Fireworks Gender Reveal #party #baby #genderreveal | spotofteadesigns.com

When the moment came, no one complained about going out on my deck in the middle of winter.

Fireworks Gender Reveal #baby #genderreveal | spotofteadesigns.com

We waited in anticipation and when the firework exploded in a shower of pink, we were all thrilled!

Look for another post from Sara showing off her Simply Sweet Baby Girl Shower!


How We Baby Proofed Our Home

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How we baby proofed our home. Tips and product recommendations | spotofteadesigns.com

With a split level home we have lots of sets of stairs, lots of little rooms and lots of spots to baby proof! Below are the key places we made sure to secure starting at four months, which luckily was needed with a 6.5 month crawler and 9 month early walker!

By the Stairs

How we babyproofed our home: Example of split level home with different gates used #babyproofing #baby #safety | spotofteadesigns.com

  • We have lots of railings on our living room/kitchen level that overlooks our front entrance level. We chose to use the zip tie method to secure a Summer Infant Dual Banister Gate at the top of the main level in which we live. You can find the full tutorial on how we secured that item here.
  • For the side that goes up the stairs, we were able to then use a pressure gate, using the white wood post that was secured to the railing as one side and the trim on the wall as the other. Note that over time there has been a little wearing to the paint along that trim but I don’t think that’s avoidable and a fault of the gate. We fully expect to need to do some cosmetic updates to our home once the kids are bit older.
  • At the top of the stairs, we had to use yet another type of swing gate and we had no choice but to secure it to one side of the wall with holes. Luckily our good old zip tie method worked up here to save us from drilling into a wood banister. Tip: For top for the stair gates, make sure to look for ones that do NOT have any sort of wood structure that lays across the bottom of the gate when opened. It is another tripping hazard and therefore totally dangerous at the top of a set of stairs!


In the Kitchen

Recommended babyproofing products: @SafetyFirst Oven Locks and Appliance Locks | spotofteadesigns.com

  • Stove Covers – Like most toddlers, pasta noodles, scrambled eggs and grilled cheese are favorite meals so our stove top is used quite often. To secure these dangerously reachable knobs, we used these Safety 1st Clear View Stove Knob Covers over all four of our covers.
  • Oven Lock – We bought a two pack of these Safety 1st Multi-Purpose Appliance Lock and at first only secured it on the bottom drawer of the oven. She learned to open the bottom drawer first since it was more in reach but once standing and pulling on things, there was a need to secure the oven door also. At 18 months she was very funny, telling us “ought oh!” every time we opened the oven to grab something out just to check it, but didn’t relock this lock. She didn’t understand the concept of checking on the food and was the best safety police to make sure we secured the lock again.
  • We have a lot of lower cabinets and drawers in our kitchen. They hold all the typical items, from pots to Tupperware, pizza cutters to pantry items. Regardless of what was inside, I didn’t really want her in it so we quickly installed a mix of these Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System in less used cabinets and Safety 1st 10 Pack Spring n’ Release Latches for ones we access more often. We have the magnetic lock also in our living room so we actually have two of the locks in case we misplace one. Tip: keep it in a standard spot (ours is by the sink) and practice putting it back there after every use!

In the nursery

Tips to setting up your nursery to make it safer for baby and more functional for parents. Hang monitor high with Command Hook. #baby #nursery #parenting | spotofteadesigns.com

  • Secured Electronic Cords – We don’t have any sort of bookshelves near Brielle’s crib for a decent overhead view. Instead we attached a Command Medium Hook to the wall to hang her baby monitor. To make sure we didn’t have a dangling cord hanging from it, we secured the electronic cord along the molding using these White Cable Clips. For more tips on getting up your nursery, make sure you read this and learn from my mistakes! Oh and the crib has been moved over since taking this photo as she was too close to reach the light switch and turned it on once or twice!
  • Secured Bookshelf to Wall – Our Ikea bookshelf came with a kit to secure the bookshelf to the wall so sorry, but no product recommendations here. But a much needed reminder for safety!

In the Hallway

Tips to setting up your nursery to make it safer for baby and more functional for parents. Pool Noodle to block door from locking #baby #nursery #parenting | spotofteadesigns.com

  • Pool Noodle Door Stoppers – Brielle loves to open and close the doors upstairs and with a fear of her locking herself in, we added these not so beautiful but cheap and useful pool noodle door stoppers on top to prevent that from happening.

Recommended Babyproofing products we use in our home. Seen here: lever handle lock | spotofteadesigns.com

  • Linen Closet Door – Since all our doors are the same lever handle types and she learned to open it, we made sure to secure our hallway linen closet, which holds all our overflow of toiletries with this Safety 1st Lever Handle Lock lock. Note that this lock isn’t meant to be used on doors which you need to or can open from either side.


In the Bathroom

Babyproofing tips: make a sign near your toilet let to let guests know how to disengage it | spotofteadesigns.com

  • Toilet Lock – Ahh the toilet, curious appliance for children of all ages. To deter her from gaining an interest in putting things in there that don’t belong, we installed these simple Safety 1st Swing Shut Toilet Lock in both our bathrooms. Yes they can be inconvenient at times but are simple to use so it hasn’t really been a big deal. TIP: Since we have it on both the bathroom near our bedrooms and the guest one downstairs, I made sure to craft up a little directional sign for guests so I didn’t have to give a live tutorial every time someone needed to use the facilities.


Kid Craft: Watercolor Popsicle Garland

Kids Craft: Summer Popsicle Garland #kidscraft | spotofteadesigns.com

Since we took down our Easter Egg garland after the holiday, my bright entry way mirror has been sad without a craft decorating it. (Especially since my entry way table must remain bare with curious toddler hands in reach of its top!) With summer here, it needed something bright and colorful so I turned to my trusty crafting assistant and asked if she wanted to paint. Her response: “YAH!!!!!!!!!!!” The girl loves to craft, what can I say?

Kids Craft: Summer Popsicle Garland #kidscraft | spotofteadesigns.com

I set her up in her familiar high chair and black smock and grabbed our watercolor supplies.

Kids Craft: Summer Popsicle Garland #kidscraft | spotofteadesigns.com

She loves to “dip dip dip” the brush in the paint and spread it all around, even grabbing two brushes for some extra fun!

Kids Craft: Summer Popsicle Garland #kidscraft | spotofteadesigns.com

Before long, blank sheets of paper were covered in beautiful strokes of watercolor goodness from a cheap set bought at the dollar store.

Kids Craft: Summer Popsicle Garland #kidscraft | spotofteadesigns.com

I made a quick popsicle shape template and once the sheets were dried, I traced the template all over the back of the sheets.

Kids Craft: Summer Popsicle Garland #kidscraft | spotofteadesigns.com

Brielle helped me cut out the shapes (aka sits on my lap and curls one finger around the scissor handle). Next, she helped me glue mini popsicle sticks on the back. I was surprised and pleased to see how well she did with gluing!

Kids Craft: Summer Popsicle Garland #kidscraft | spotofteadesigns.com

With just a quick hole punch on top and some extra ribbon from our stash, we were able to make a quick and simple kid crafted popsicle garland to welcome summer and guests into our home! The best part? Brielle always walks by and when you admire the garland aloud she says “I made it!”

Creativity kits for kids!

Nursery Dresser Makeover

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#Nursery Furniture Makeover with Before and After #tutorial @Valspar_Paint #DIY | spotofteadesigns.com

With baby #2 was on its way, it was time to focus on the nursery situation. Since Brielle was due to outgrow the crib within due time, we didn’t want to spend money on another crib/changing table set. Instead I proposed we redo Derek’s old dresser set he grew up using that were currently sitting collecting dust at his dad’s house and put them in Brielle’s room.

#Nursery Furniture Makeover featuring @Valspar_Paint | spotofteadesigns.com

These dressers were made of real wood and still in great condition. Just, in my opinion, a little outdated for the look of her current grey, pink and white nursery. I planned to lose the hutch on top and use the longer one as a changing table and enjoy the extra storage with a second higher dresser nearby.

#Nursery Furniture Makeover - @Valspar_Paint Prime paint| spotofteadesigns.com

After removing the gold hardware and giving the dressers a good cleaning to remove the dust and dirt, we Derek set out to prime these bad boys. In doing some research we decided to use this Valspar Stainblocking Bonding primer without sanding first. It specifically listed that it seals to glossy surfaces and was a heavy-duty stainblocker and reviews seemed to back this up. I hope we don’t regret this non sanding decision but I’ll let you know in a few years!

#Nursery Furniture Makeover - @Valspar_Paint Priming | spotofteadesigns.com

Derek focused on giving the dressers two light coats and it was already looking better than before!

#Nursery Furniture Makeover - @Valspar_Paint paint| spotofteadesigns.com

Next up was the paint!

#Nursery Furniture Makeover - @Valspar_Paint | spotofteadesigns.com

Since we were planning to put a sealer on top, we chose a matte finish Valspar Ultra white paint to keep with the white furniture theme that already looked nice in her room. Two coats later and I’m loving how it looks!

#Nursery Furniture Makeover - @MinWax Polycrylic Protective Finish| spotofteadesigns.com

After those coats thoroughly dried, we opted to add Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish on top to help protect the paint finish. I read on many blogs how a polycrylic was a better option than a polyurethane which tends to yellow on lighter color paints.  Again we went with the good old number two for the amount of coats, making sure to get a full coverage.

#Nursery Furniture Makeover featuring @Rustoleum spray paint for hardware| spotofteadesigns.com

Next up were the hardware pieces. The yucky gold wasn’t my taste so I opted for a metallic silver instead. Since we did all our shopping for this project at Lowes, I picked up a can of Rust-oleum Metallic to do the job.

#Nursery Furniture Makeover featuring @Rustoleum spray paint for hardware| spotofteadesigns.com

After laying out all the hardware items on a piece of cardboard, Derek applied two light coats over them with adaquent drying time in between. Now these guys were looking like they’d fit in with our pink/white/grey palette!

#Nursery Furniture Makeover - @Valspar_Paint #DIY | spotofteadesigns.com

Once EVERYTHING was dried, all the pieces were reassembled and ready for proper placement in Brielle’s room. I’m so happy to have these “new” pieces in her room for extra storage and make it seem a little more toddler in style.

#Nursery Furniture Makeover - @Valspar_Paint #DIY | spotofteadesigns.com

What a difference a little paint makes to revive some otherwise outdated and unused items!

#Nursery Furniture Makeover - @Valspar_Paint #DIY | spotofteadesigns.com

The glider that was previously in the corner of the room is now over in the baby’s nursery and the DIY Headband hanger is now hung on a different wall in her room. This new taller dresser was topper with the Dream basket given by Jamie and the DIY Yarn wrapped lamp that was rarely ever turned on in it’s old place.

Look for a future post showcasing where the old changing table ended up and the coordinated nursery created for number two!

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DIY Engagement Basket {GUEST POST}

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#DIY Engagement Basket Gift idea for a bride to be. #wedding | spotofteadesigns.com

SOTD readers are already familiar with the creative talents of today’s guest poster.

A collection of sugar cookies created by Cherylin | spotofteadesigns.com

Cherylin’s beautifully handmade cookies have been featured several times on my blog, including ones she made for my bridal shower, work baby shower, Baby’s First Christmas and Brielle’s first birthday party favors! Today she’s here to share another fun gift she put together for a fellow past coworker Britlyn, who recently got engaged! Cherylin’s story:

#DIY Engagement Basket Gift idea for a bride to be. #wedding | spotofteadesigns.com

I have been waiting for Brittlyn to get engaged and like everyone else I was waiting for them to come back from some trip with the great news, but instead it was a random Friday night. My immediate thought was “YAY!” followed by “Oh no! I should have ordered those things on my list!” I had to scramble to pull together a basket of fun engagement nick nacks.
Custom ring holder for bride to be. Great for #bridalshower #engagment party gift! | spotofteadesigns.com
The two most important things I wanted to include were a ring holder and ring cleaner. Since I didn’t have time to order a custom one like Tara so thoughtfully had waiting around for me when I finally got engaged, I hunted until I found one at Bed Bath and Beyond. Note from Tara: I purchased Cherylin’s ring holder from the Miss Pottery Etsy shop and highly recommend them for quality work that is on time and beautifully handmade!
#DIY Engagement Basket Gift idea for a bride to be. #wedding | spotofteadesigns.com
I also included a few other items that were wedding related (wedding magazine and a planner), celebration related (pretty wine glass and bottle of wine), or included a monogram of her letter “B.”
Other engagement basket ideas:

Wedding Save the Date Magnets