DIY Halloween Couples Costume: Bun in the Oven Pregnancy Reveal {Guest Post}

Stop right there. Before you jump to conclusions – NO this post is not an announcement by me!  You may remember my bestie Allie showing off her Handmade Owl Costume and Pacman themed couples costumes in previous years. Today, I’m happy to report that she’s back with another guest post featuring the costumes she and her husband wore last year when announcing their pregnancy to their neighbors’ at the annual Halloween party! Check out how she made this adorable “announcement” costume, which she is now reading about with her almost six month old! :)

DIY Pregnancy Reveal Halloween Costumes Costume: Bun in the oven |

We’ve got a BUN in the OVEN!

I was all prepared to do a step-by-step write-up of this year’s couples Halloween costume announcing to our friends/neighbors that we are expecting, but the costume steps were a little too independent to find that necessary.  Instead, I’ll show off the finished product for inspiration and below I will provide my tips/thoughts on the various components:

DIY Pregnancy Reveal Halloween Costumes Costume: Bun in the oven |

The oven: I initially expected to put myself in a big box again for this costume, but I learned my lesson from my pacman costume last year, and decided to find a smaller and more manageable option.

  • For the oven I recycled the top of box that ships a ream of paper.
  • I used a hole punch on the top and bottom of the left and right sides of the oven to run string through so the oven could hang from me.
  • The box top had writing on it so I covered it up with recycled 11×17″ paper.
  • Tip: You may want to use 2 of the paper wrappers so you can cover the inside of the oven as well – at least the edge where people will see (lesson learned from pacman)
  • Tip: Use double sided tape to attach the wrapper to the large “front” of the box/front of the oven in a few spots (think about where your oven cut out will be and plan to tape around that). Later you will cut open the oven door and there’s nothing to hold the paper down so a little extra stick is helpful to add now, instead of trying to squeeze some tape in later.

DIY Pregnancy Reveal Halloween Costumes Costume: Bun in the oven |

The oven door:

  • Use a straight edge to define where you will make the cuts for the door.
  • I used an old scrapbooking page protector as the clear oven window.
  • Tip: Consider making your pencil marks on the inside of the box so you don’t have to erase the lines after you cut!
  • Leave enough space at the top of the box for the oven/stove top knobs.
  • When cutting out the oven window, leave enough of an oven door edge to not compromise the strength of the box when you cut the outer edge and the window. Mine isn’t that big, but I wouldn’t really recommend going any thinner.
  • Take your time when cutting, don’t rush it or you may pull the paper.
  • Use a brand new blade to make the cuts. Doing this cuts through the box really nicely. If you don’t cut all the way through the first time, flip the box and the cut other side.

DIY Pregnancy Reveal Halloween Costumes Costume: Bun in the oven |

The knobs: Oops, my stove top knobs are all ON!  I hoped to fix this before the party, but didn’t! What I did for the knobs:

  • I used a circle cutter to cut the 5 circles, a hole punch of black paper for the off/high marks and just a sharpie for the in between temperature lines.
  • For the oven I spontaneously decided to put our due date 4-14(degrees), and since I’m close to half way the knob is pointing in the middle (that one was on purpose!)
  • I used some 3D super large foam dots to get the knobs to stick out, but you could also use pieces of form core.
  • The knobs themselves are double layered (the dark gray and black layers) to provide more depth.

DIY Pregnancy Reveal Halloween Costumes Costume: Bun in the oven |

The bun: I wasn’t really sure what to do with this… I could stick something on my shirt to look like a bun or I had some stale hot dog buns and I could use one of those. I opted for the hot dog bun (cinnamon bun could work as well).  To be able to show off the bun through the window I constructed a little shelf out of cardboard inside in the oven. I added a layer of aluminum foil to the top of the shelf.  I used a little double sided tape to hold the hot dog down and secured it further with some clear craft fishing line through the cut part of the bun and taped down on the side.  It held up through the party.

DIY Pregnancy Reveal Halloween Costumes Costume: Bun in the oven |

The result: Even though the party I attended doesn’t pick a favorite costume, we were definitely voted as having the best costume this year!

It was really fun to walk through each room of the party and pause as each new group of guests took a second to digest the ‘bun in the oven’ concept. Some got it right away and squealed with delight, others would give a questioning “does that mean what I think it means?” look and others were a little slower. Overall it brought a lot of smiles to everyone’s face and our friends are still talking about it months later!

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Photography Challenge: What’s at your feet?

Like most photographers, when looking through past photos, I notice I take a lot of the same shots. I recently looked down at my feet to see this look cutie and captured this shot:

Photography Challenge: What's at your feet? |

Then it made me realize, that I’ve taken this shot before. When she was still in my belly:

Photography Challenge: What's at your feet? |

when I was on the Sky Deck Tour at the Willis Tower in Chicago:

Photography Challenge: What's at your feet? |

when we dipped out feet in the Pacific Ocean in California:

Photography Challenge: What's at your feet? |

and when we sat on the beach in St. Lucia:

Photography Challenge: What's at your feet? |

I guess it’s a shot I take often to “put me in my place.” I challenge you to try it out for yourself! What’s at your feet?

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Gender Neutral Modern Animal Nursery: DIY Felt Animal Mobile {Guest Post}

Recently SOTD contributor Allie shared her Gender Neutral Modern Animal Nursery with us, showcasing her awesome home decorating and DIY skills. Today she’s back to share more details on that super adorable DIY Felt Animal Mobile she made for her son’s room!

Handmade Animal Mobile for Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery | spotofteadesigns.comSupplies:

  • 2 Embroidery Hoops (I chose two different sizes)
  • Yarn
  • Decorative Ribbon
  • Craft Fishing Line
  • Felt (tip: I bought a big package of felt from the craft store when really, I only needed about one piece of 8.5” x 11” felt per color for the whole thing.)
  • Stuffing
  • Popsicle Stick (used for helping to stuff the animal shape)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and Thread
  • Optional: additional decorative accessories like buttons or sequins

How to make a felt mobile: Yes, you can do this!

  • Print silhouettes of animals then cut them out to use as templates. For each animal body, fold a piece of felt in half, trace and cut out the shape. This will give you two pieces which are mirrored shapes of one another for the front and back. Repeat to make cloud shapes. Tip: A little double sided tape may help keep the templates on the felt as you trace.
  • Cut out the accent pieces needed for each animal. Example: giraffe spots, elephant ears, owl eyes etc

Handmade Animal Mobile for Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery |

  • Sew on the animal accents to one half of the animal body shape. Tip: Pay attention on how you attach shapes, like the elephant’s ears. Mine are flipped up which looks more than flying than flipped down which is how they are traditionally shown.
  • Tip: besides felt, you can use other materials you already have on hand. For example, the owl above uses sequins left over from another project as the centers of his eyes. (NOTE: This mobile was meant to be looked at but not touched by little children!)
  • Sew the back piece of felt onto each animal, leaving the knotted end of thread inside the two pieces and a small hole for stuffing.
  • Stuff each of the animals. Tip: use the end of scissors or a popsicle stick to encourage the stuffing in to small areas.
  • Sew the small hole shut.

Handmade Animal Mobile for Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery |

  • Wrap two embroidery hoops with yarn. Hang one below the other using decorative ribbon to attach. (I have also seen other options using crossed wooden dowels, or a single embroidery hoop)
  • Hang the stuffed animals, clouds and single layer dot shapes on pieces of craft fishing line.

Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery |

This was a fun and easy, yet time consuming, craft. When you’re at the point in the pregnancy where relaxing is a priority, this is a great project to tackle. I spent a few minutes each night for a few weeks working on different parts of the mobile and now it hangs in my son’s room!

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Top 10 Favorite Baby Items II: 5 Months – 1 Year

DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links. Know that I only promote and recommend items I personally use and stand behind. To learn more about my affiliates, please review my disclosure policy here.

Top 10 favorite baby items from 5 months - 1 year of age |

A month ago our previously little bundle turned one! I still can’t believe how fast a year went! After she was four months old, I put together a list of my top 10 favorite baby items for newborn age to four months and it was a hit for moms-to-be! Today, I’m sharing the part II of that series.

Instead of all individual items, I’m going to cheat giving you ten categories and list a few of our favorite products we’ve enjoyed from each category. This way you have lots more things to buy a beloved baby in your life! (But beware – this makes for a long blog post!)


HALO SleepSack from pottery barn kids |

No blankets in our house for our little one! Nope she comfortably and safely slept in her HALO Sleep Sacks year round. She started in a Halo Sleepsack Swaddle, then moved to the regular Sleepsacks and now we’re testing out Early Walker Sleepsacks. We’ve used micro fleece ones for winter and soft lightweight cotton for summer and have had no problems with being too hot or too cold. She still wears pjs underneath and you gotta love that reverse zipper for late night diaper changes!


Top Ten Favorite Baby Items five months to one year: highchair |

  • When taking her occasional bottle or eating messier foods, we loved the Tommee Tippee Milk Feeding Bibs with the extra rounded edge that would help stop things from going under her neck. They were the softest bibs we used and weren’t stained by most foods! Once we did finger foods, we moved to JJ Cole Adjustable Snap Closure Bib Set with pockets as they stopped her from wearing all her food in her lap!
  • When we started introducing solids at 4 months, I wanted Brielle to feel like a part of family eating at the table. Thanks to her Gwenma and PopPop, she got this nifty Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System high chair that converts to other seating styles as the baby grows. I love that there is a separate tray that comes off for easy cleaning as we often use this chair for creative playtime when we do art class!
  • She ate her Happy Baby purees using a mini bowl and these Gerber Graduates BPA Free 6 Pack Soft Bite Infant Spoons. I had originally put different ones on my registry but once we started trying to eat, I realized they were too “scooped” to get the food in her mouth. Instead these Gerber spoons have a flatter shape that really helped with those early foods she was testing out.

On the Go:

Top Ten Favorite Baby Items for 5 months - 1 year: Shopping Cart and Car Seat Covers |

  • At 8 months (to the day!), Brielle was finally ready to sit up in front of the shopping cart when we went out to the store. And man did she LOVE it! I happily put our Boppy Shopping Cart Cover on the front of the cart to help protect her a bit from the grimy carts and the little book that was attached let her have something she could play with while we shopped.
  • Her first winter was a brutal one with lots of snow and really cold days. I bought an adorable Car Seat Cover from this Etsy shop and was able to protect her from rain/snow/wind/sick people all season. I loved this version which had snaps in the front so I could separate the “curtains” and see her when she was awake or snap it closed when she was sleeping. I have been asked by SOOO many stroller toting moms where I got this cover! Note: I would also suggest looking into the extra fee to get the one that has the fitted band on the back to help stop it from flipping over in high wind. I didn’t get that for my cover but could really see how it would’ve helped in several situations.

Baby Safety Products:

Top 10 favorite baby items for five months - 1 year: baby gates |

  • We installed this Summer’s Infant banister to banister baby gate using a method which didn’t require drilling into our gate.
  • For all our dangerous cabinets and drawers (i.e. under the sink cleaning supplies and one that held pantry food or extra kitchen utensils like pizza cutters) we use this Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System. It worked well, but was just a pain to get used to. We’d always pull the handle first before remembering we need a key after. I caught on quick but I still catch Derek pulling the knob before remembering the key. Just be prepared for the learning curve but that’s of no fault of the product, just us forgetful parents!
  • For all the other drawers that needed to be closed for safety but weren’t in a dangerous location, we used these Safety 1st 10 Pack Spring n’ Release Latches.
  • At 6 months we moved Brielle from the pack n’ play in our room to the crib in her nursery and having the video monitor was key to allowing us to sleep. That girl makes some funny noises at night and I’d rather peek over to the monitor to see that she’s dreaming than have to get up and see if she was actually up. Sorry folks, but I’m not putting the make/model we used on the internet but know that I HIGHLY suggest looking into one for your home, especially if it’s multiple levels like ours. Tip: Buy a second power cord for the remote screen so you can easily plug it in on multiple levels without losing battery power.

Basic Developmental Toys

Top 10 Favorite baby Items five months to 1 year: cups and rings |

  • Both Brielle and her daddy were a big fan of The First Years Stack N Count Cups. We watched her grow through so many milestones with these blocks – from just picking up an item with one hand, passing between hands, chewing on it like a teether and clapping them together to make a noise. Daddy loved to stack them high and Brielle loves to knock them down. Mommy loved that they nested together for small storage purposes and to bring on the go! :)
  • These simple Sassy Ring O’ Links are the perfect toys for on the go. This set lived in her car seat for the first year of her life (but was washed of course)! You can see them in the photo above with my favorite Sophie teether photobomb picture. She loved to throw them around, catch them on her toes, or have them hung from the handle of the car seat. The rings are very colorful and have different textures on them for sensory play!
  • We all know that babies tend to like the packaging more than the gift. But the Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks set has both a packaged item (the bucket) and the contents inside (the blocks) which are fun for a little one!

Toys that encouraged movement

Top 10 Favorite baby Items five months to 1 year: vtech walker |

  • Welcome to our learning farm!” Brielle received the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker at her first Christmas (Thanks Aunt Melanie!) when she was only 4 months old. She began playing with the musical part when sitting and just a few short months later was pulling up on it to stand and play! It was only a matter of time before she was pushing it along the carpet at eight months and by 9 months we had ourselves an early walker! I can’t promise you’ll get the same results but I can promise your little one will love this toy and you will find yourself singing along to the songs it plays!
  • Balls! It’s as simple as that. Think small (not too small that they’re chocking hazards) AND big! Brielle loved these one large ones with little bumps on them as she could easily grip it and hold on!


  • Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether – I didn’t put one on my registry because, let’s face it, can a $20 TEETHER really be worth it? But we received one as a gift once she arrived (Thanks Aunt Melissa!) and let me tell you, she loves the silly thing! We leave it in her carseat so it’s always at the ready when we’re on the road. She’ll happily chew on it, throw it around and squeak it our whole ride. You can see Miss Sophie photobombing my car seat shot in the photo above!
  • Nuby Silicone Teether with Bristles – This particular teether has these little bumps on them which she seemed to like. The handle was a bit different than others and she would always pick it up and throw it right in her mouth in those early teething months.
  • We also used Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets when she was having a rough teething day. She LOVES to take medicine, like these quick dissolving tabs or Tylenol in a syringe so we never had a problem getting her to open up and wait for these to dissolve in her mouth. I swear they really are INSTANT relief since she would tend to calm down once they were working their magic.

Tactile/Sensory Books.

First Time Mom Advice: Top Products for babies 5 months - 1 year: tacticle books |

Brielle LOVES the “That’s not my” series of books! We received three from our baby shower/Christmas that she loved to flip through and read. I’d say the line “That’s not my teddy, his paws are too rough” and then she’d know the exact spot of the page to touch and feel the texture. She’d flip through these over and over again, loving certain pages more than others. We have and recommend: That’s Not My Baby, That’s Not My Teddy and That’s Not My Monkey but I’m sure any in the series would be great! We also loved Peek-A Who? since she loved the mirror in the back and also Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings with all the fun tactile panel (see above).

Standing Tall.

I already mentioned our love of our Sit to Stand Learning Walker, but we also loved standing up at our LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table (Thanks Liz!) and Fisher-Price Interactive Baby Grand Piano (Thanks Aunt Lauren!).


Brielle outside playtime |

Foldable Outdoor Blanket with Zipper Closure. I got mine at Kohl’s a few years ago and don’t see it online but here is a similar style: Clara Clark ® Waterproof Outdoor Beach Picnic Blanket, Multi Color Stripes. Mine folds up pretty compactly, has a waterproof bottom and a full on zipper closure all the way around. This allowed me to have a portable blanket to bring on the go but one where I could stash a few flat-ish toys/books inside the zippered compartment that was all ready to be unrolled for play. We used this often in the park or brought to outdoor parties all summer so I knew there was a safe play place for my little miss.

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Use Your Stash Challenge: Dinosaur Stickers

Handmade Birthday Cards: Dinosaurs talking about cupcakes |

No matter what language anyone speaks, cupcakes serve as a universal language for holidays and celebrations, don’t you think? I recently put them to good use with some paper scraps and dinosaur stickers on some much needed male birthday cards. Why dinosaur stickers? Well because they can be so gosh darn cute. I mean look at these guys:

Handmade Birthday Cards: Dinosaurs talking about cupcakes |

Wait! Come back here with that, trusty crafting assistant:)

Handmade Birthday Cards: Dinosaurs talking about cupcakes |

I paired these cute stickers with this fun two part mini cupcake punch and my beloved caption bubble punch.

Handmade Birthday Cards: Dinosaurs talking about cupcakes |

Remember when tearing paper was all the rage? Consider this my #TBT as I’m rocking a little rough ground for these cute dinos!

Handmade Birthday Cards: Dinosaurs talking about cupcakes |

Just a few minutes later (honestly at least thirty since more time was spent trying to match the colors on these dinosaurs from my stash of cardstock than actually adhering this together) I had myself two birthday cards that are very male friendly!

Supplies: Punches: EK Tools | Stickers: Jolee’s Boutique | Patterned Paper: K&Company

Let’s see your stash challenges using your dinosaur stickers! I’m looking for some projects for a “Reader’s Feature” so if you do put one together, get in touch!

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Gender Neutral Modern Animal Nursery: THE FULL REVEAL {GUEST POST}

DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links. Know that I only promote products I or my guest posters personally use and stand behind. To learn more about my affiliates, please review my disclosure policy here.

I’m SO excited to share this adorable nursery lovingly created by my bestie and her hubby, SOTD contributors Allie & Tim. As always, Allie not only put her awesome home decorating skills of mixing and matching patterns and colors to good use, but also added plenty of fun DIY touches – like my personal favorite, a handmade mobile! Take it away, Allie!

Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery |

Once we knew the gender of our little bundle of joy, the next task was to pick the nursery theme. I had a few criteria:

  • The first was based on my husband and his family’s love of sports. I envision years of baseball, soccer, football and golf in our house and on the clothes our little one will be wearing, so why start now? No sports, please.
  • Second, I wanted something gender neutral so we could have a greater possibility of using it again.
  • Third, I wanted to include my love of travel and animals.

Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery. Crib fits under slanted ceiling wall |

I spent way too long browsing online and eventually settled for the Circo Jungle Stack Collection as my inspiration for the room. It has fun animals, bright colors, graphic patterns and even an owl to tie back to my bridal shower!

Most of the furniture we already had or was gifted, except of course the crib. Since we had a slanted ceiling in our nursery, I was happy we found a crib that finally fit!

Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery: DIY Animal silhouette wall art |

I, of course, spent lots of time on Pinterest. After finding a pin leading to this silhouette picture of a giraffe, I was off to Google silhouette images of animals. I found images of an elephant, giraffe and lion which I printed out and used as a template. I chose paper with graphic prints that matched the nursery colors and added them to the embossed polka dot papers. These colorful handmade creations hang above the changing table.

Handmade Animal Mobile for Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery |

I had considered buying a mobile, but after seeing a really cute felt mobile sold on an Etsy shop for $180 I instantly thought, “I can make that!” So off I went to DIY a felt mobile.

Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery |

Maybe this wasn’t needed, but I love pom-poms! Their colors and texture make such an impact, and after having them at my bridal shower and using them for Tara’s bridal shower I really wanted to incorporate them in the nursery. They now hang in the other corner of the room, as seen above.

Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery: Animal Bookends | spotofteadesigns.comThese colorful animal bookends are a great way to add decoration and color to the room, while staying with the theme! His current favorite book? Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes…

Handmade Animal Mobile for Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery |

We splurged and purchased the Pinnacle Reclina-Glider Swivel Recliner for the nursery. I wanted to recline if I had to spend the night in the chair with the baby. The gliding motion is supposed to be more ‘natural’ than rocking (plus it won’t make me nauseous.) Bonus: it can be used for watching tv after its use in the nursery!

I also finally had the perfect place to hang the owl painting Tara had made me years prior. She told me many times she would paint over it for me, but I knew it would find a special place in my nursery one day.

Additional Resources:

Crib: Europ​a Baby Pali​sades Conv​ertib​le Crib

Glider Chair: Pinnacle Reclina-Glider Swivel Recliner

Rug: Maple​s Fret​work Area Rug purchased at Targ​et

Animal Bookends: Yellow Cute Giraff Nonskid Bookends

Animal lamp – This lamp was given to my brother from our Aunt. It fits great with our theme.

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HALO SleepSack Early Walker {Review and Giveaway}

Disclosure: I was compensated with a product sample by HALO for this post, but the opinions are all mine! In addition, you may find affiliate links to purchase the product recommended.  Know that I will only promote items I personally use and stand behind!  For more information on my disclosure policy, please visit this page reviews HALO Sleepsack Early Walker - a safe alternative to blankets |

Spot of Tea Designs readers have already heard me talk about my love of HALO Sleepsacks several times now, including recommending it as one of my top 10 products for children newborn age to four months.

HALO SleepSack from pottery barn kids |

Brielle wore her Sleepsack Swaddle for a while, before transitioning to regular Sleepsacks (including the adorable Pottery Barn kids print seen above!)  Once I had an early walker on my hands at nine months, I found she often would walk around in her crib in her sleepsack during night wakings and it sometimes led to bumps and bruises on her face! reviews the @HaloInnovations Early Walker Sleepsack with a one year old

I was happy to once again get in contact with HALO Innovations who informed me on their next stage of safe sleeping options with the HALO Early Walker SleepSack! Upon reviewing the recommended sizes based on weight and height we went for a size large. About a week after her first birthday, we tried it out!

Let me tell you, when you first unwrap it from the packaging, this thing looks LONG! They say they are made to allow you to have their feet tucked up inside like a regular sleepsack or with their feet out. I know she’s just barely into the large size so maybe we need to wait until she’s a little bit bigger to use it on a regular basis for overnight sleeping. But for naptimes, where she barely moves for 45 minutes, and I have a video monitor on her, I’m confident she can safely enjoy her lightweight knit sleepsack. reviews @HaloInnovations Early Walker style Sleepsack

Isn’t this just the sweetest time? Look at those toes! Of course when it come to winter time, I’ll be opting for the micro fleece style probably with socks on since her room is cold. But I love these sleepsacks as an alternative to dangerous blankets. We’ll continue to use them as long as they make sizes to fit her! reviews @HaloInnovations Early Walker style Sleepsack

When she woke up I was greeted at the door by a happy girl who (while you can’t necessarily tell from this photo) was standing tall with her feet outside of her sleepsack, just as designed. Love that bedhead!

As a reminder, HALO Innovations is dedicated to putting the health, safety and well-being of babies first. From our new bassinet, the HALO™ Bassinest™ Swivel Sleeper to our HALO® SleepSack® wearable blankets, which are now used in over 1200 hospitals nationwide, HALO is committed to helping babies sleep safely. To learn more about Halo, check them out here: Website | Facebook | Pinterest  | Twitter | Google+.

spot of tea designs giveaway notice

I’m very happy to report the team at HALO has generously offered one Spot of Tea Designs reader a HALO SleepSack Early Walker of their very own! Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below by September 19th for your chance to win. Mobile issues, if you’re having trouble connecting to the giveaway, enter via this link

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

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Pinwheel Centerpieces: Pool Noodle Hack

Pinwheel first birthday party: DIY Pinwheel Centerpieces with Pool Noodle as foam center. #birthdayparty |

For Brielle’s birthday party invitations, I whipped up a few pinwheels using patterned papers within my color palette using this technique.

First Birthday Party Invitation Photoshoot: pinwheels |

I attached them to paper straws and took Brielle to a local park for a little photoshoot. I was able to capture a few cute photos that we used for her invite but also some not so fun ones. Exhibit A:

First Birthday Party Invitation Photoshoot: pinwheels |

Still a cute photo of an inquisitive little girl, but one who obviously did not appreciate mommy’s hard work and is breaking the pinwheel handle in this photo. I still wanted to use the pinwheels for something for the party, missy!

Centerpiece Pool Noodle Hack: Cut up a pool noodle instead of buying expensive floral foam |

After a trip to Target, I picked up these adorable polka dot and stripe mini tins in the dollar spot. I decided to turn the pinwheels into mini centerpieces to decorate the party. But I was looking for the not so expensive approach. Instead of buying expensive floral foam to help my pinwheel stand upright, I came up with a better, more affordable solution: a pool noodle!

Centerpiece Pool Noodle Hack: Cut up a pool noodle instead of buying expensive floral foam | spotofteadesigns.comDerek cut up the pool noodle to fit in each tin and then I poked a hole to insert my paper straw pinwheels right inside. It was a perfect fit!

Pinwheel first birthday party: DIY Pinwheel centerpieces with pool noodle foam as center #birthdayparty |

After adding some rocks to the bottom for weight, I hot glued some crinkle paper (from my Happy Child Nutritional Shake package) as filler to hide my pool noodle hack. Voila! My mini centerpieces were done! And for a really affordable price, I might add.

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