Use Your Stash Challenge: Dinosaur Stickers

Handmade Birthday Cards: Dinosaurs talking about cupcakes |

No matter what language anyone speaks, cupcakes serve as a universal language for holidays and celebrations, don’t you think? I recently put them to good use with some paper scraps and dinosaur stickers on some much needed male birthday cards. Why dinosaur stickers? Well because they can be so gosh darn cute. I mean look at these guys:

Handmade Birthday Cards: Dinosaurs talking about cupcakes |

Wait! Come back here with that, trusty crafting assistant:)

Handmade Birthday Cards: Dinosaurs talking about cupcakes |

I paired these cute stickers with this fun two part mini cupcake punch and my beloved caption bubble punch.

Handmade Birthday Cards: Dinosaurs talking about cupcakes |

Remember when tearing paper was all the rage? Consider this my #TBT as I’m rocking a little rough ground for these cute dinos!

Handmade Birthday Cards: Dinosaurs talking about cupcakes |

Just a few minutes later (honestly at least thirty since more time was spent trying to match the colors on these dinosaurs from my stash of cardstock than actually adhering this together) I had myself two birthday cards that are very male friendly!

Supplies: Punches: EK Tools | Stickers: Jolee’s Boutique | Patterned Paper: K&Company

Let’s see your stash challenges using your dinosaur stickers! I’m looking for some projects for a “Reader’s Feature” so if you do put one together, get in touch!

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Gender Neutral Modern Animal Nursery: THE FULL REVEAL {GUEST POST}

DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links. Know that I only promote products I or my guest posters personally use and stand behind. To learn more about my affiliates, please review my disclosure policy here.

I’m SO excited to share this adorable nursery lovingly created by my bestie and her hubby, SOTD contributors Allie & Tim. As always, Allie not only put her awesome home decorating skills of mixing and matching patterns and colors to good use, but also added plenty of fun DIY touches – like my personal favorite, a handmade mobile! Take it away, Allie!

Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery |

Once we knew the gender of our little bundle of joy, the next task was to pick the nursery theme. I had a few criteria:

  • The first was based on my husband and his family’s love of sports. I envision years of baseball, soccer, football and golf in our house and on the clothes our little one will be wearing, so why start now? No sports, please.
  • Second, I wanted something gender neutral so we could have a greater possibility of using it again.
  • Third, I wanted to include my love of travel and animals.

Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery. Crib fits under slanted ceiling wall |

I spent way too long browsing online and eventually settled for the Circo Jungle Stack Collection as my inspiration for the room. It has fun animals, bright colors, graphic patterns and even an owl to tie back to my bridal shower!

Most of the furniture we already had or was gifted, except of course the crib. Since we had a slanted ceiling in our nursery, I was happy we found a crib that finally fit!

Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery: DIY Animal silhouette wall art |

I, of course, spent lots of time on Pinterest. After finding a pin leading to this silhouette picture of a giraffe, I was off to Google silhouette images of animals. I found images of an elephant, giraffe and lion which I printed out and used as a template. I chose paper with graphic prints that matched the nursery colors and added them to the embossed polka dot papers. These colorful handmade creations hang above the changing table.

Handmade Animal Mobile for Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery |

I had considered buying a mobile, but after seeing a really cute felt mobile sold on an Etsy shop for $180 I instantly thought, “I can make that!” So off I went to DIY a felt mobile. (NOTE FROM TARA: Look for an upcoming post with Allie’s tutorial on her adorable felt mobile!)

Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery |

Maybe this wasn’t needed, but I love pom-poms! Their colors and texture make such an impact, and after having them at my bridal shower and using them for Tara’s bridal shower I really wanted to incorporate them in the nursery. They now hang in the other corner of the room, as seen above.

Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery: Animal Bookends | spotofteadesigns.comThese colorful animal bookends are a great way to add decoration and color to the room, while staying with the theme! His current favorite book? Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes…

Handmade Animal Mobile for Gender Neutral Modern Animal #Nursery |

We splurged and purchased the Pinnacle Reclina-Glider Swivel Recliner for the nursery. I wanted to recline if I had to spend the night in the chair with the baby. The gliding motion is supposed to be more ‘natural’ than rocking (plus it won’t make me nauseous.) Bonus: it can be used for watching tv after its use in the nursery!

I also finally had the perfect place to hang the owl painting Tara had made me years prior. She told me many times she would paint over it for me, but I knew it would find a special place in my nursery one day.

Additional Resources:

Crib: Europ​a Baby Pali​sades Conv​ertib​le Crib

Glider Chair: Pinnacle Reclina-Glider Swivel Recliner

Rug: Maple​s Fret​work Area Rug purchased at Targ​et

Animal Bookends: Yellow Cute Giraff Nonskid Bookends

Animal lamp – This lamp was given to my brother from our Aunt. It fits great with our theme.

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HALO SleepSack Early Walker {Review and Giveaway}

Disclosure: I was compensated with a product sample by HALO for this post, but the opinions are all mine! In addition, you may find affiliate links to purchase the product recommended.  Know that I will only promote items I personally use and stand behind!  For more information on my disclosure policy, please visit this page reviews HALO Sleepsack Early Walker - a safe alternative to blankets |

Spot of Tea Designs readers have already heard me talk about my love of HALO Sleepsacks several times now, including recommending it as one of my top 10 products for children newborn age to four months.

HALO SleepSack from pottery barn kids |

Brielle wore her Sleepsack Swaddle for a while, before transitioning to regular Sleepsacks (including the adorable Pottery Barn kids print seen above!)  Once I had an early walker on my hands at nine months, I found she often would walk around in her crib in her sleepsack during night wakings and it sometimes led to bumps and bruises on her face! reviews the @HaloInnovations Early Walker Sleepsack with a one year old

I was happy to once again get in contact with HALO Innovations who informed me on their next stage of safe sleeping options with the HALO Early Walker SleepSack! Upon reviewing the recommended sizes based on weight and height we went for a size large. About a week after her first birthday, we tried it out!

Let me tell you, when you first unwrap it from the packaging, this thing looks LONG! They say they are made to allow you to have their feet tucked up inside like a regular sleepsack or with their feet out. I know she’s just barely into the large size so maybe we need to wait until she’s a little bit bigger to use it on a regular basis for overnight sleeping. But for naptimes, where she barely moves for 45 minutes, and I have a video monitor on her, I’m confident she can safely enjoy her lightweight knit sleepsack. reviews @HaloInnovations Early Walker style Sleepsack

Isn’t this just the sweetest time? Look at those toes! Of course when it come to winter time, I’ll be opting for the micro fleece style probably with socks on since her room is cold. But I love these sleepsacks as an alternative to dangerous blankets. We’ll continue to use them as long as they make sizes to fit her! reviews @HaloInnovations Early Walker style Sleepsack

When she woke up I was greeted at the door by a happy girl who (while you can’t necessarily tell from this photo) was standing tall with her feet outside of her sleepsack, just as designed. Love that bedhead!

As a reminder, HALO Innovations is dedicated to putting the health, safety and well-being of babies first. From our new bassinet, the HALO™ Bassinest™ Swivel Sleeper to our HALO® SleepSack® wearable blankets, which are now used in over 1200 hospitals nationwide, HALO is committed to helping babies sleep safely. To learn more about Halo, check them out here: Website | Facebook | Pinterest  | Twitter | Google+.

spot of tea designs giveaway notice

I’m very happy to report the team at HALO has generously offered one Spot of Tea Designs reader a HALO SleepSack Early Walker of their very own! Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below by September 19th for your chance to win. Mobile issues, if you’re having trouble connecting to the giveaway, enter via this link

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

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Pinwheel Centerpieces: Pool Noodle Hack

Pinwheel first birthday party: DIY Pinwheel Centerpieces with Pool Noodle as foam center. #birthdayparty |

For Brielle’s birthday party invitations, I whipped up a few pinwheels using patterned papers within my color palette using this technique.

First Birthday Party Invitation Photoshoot: pinwheels |

I attached them to paper straws and took Brielle to a local park for a little photoshoot. I was able to capture a few cute photos that we used for her invite but also some not so fun ones. Exhibit A:

First Birthday Party Invitation Photoshoot: pinwheels |

Still a cute photo of an inquisitive little girl, but one who obviously did not appreciate mommy’s hard work and is breaking the pinwheel handle in this photo. I still wanted to use the pinwheels for something for the party, missy!

Centerpiece Pool Noodle Hack: Cut up a pool noodle instead of buying expensive floral foam |

After a trip to Target, I picked up these adorable polka dot and stripe mini tins in the dollar spot. I decided to turn the pinwheels into mini centerpieces to decorate the party. But I was looking for the not so expensive approach. Instead of buying expensive floral foam to help my pinwheel stand upright, I came up with a better, more affordable solution: a pool noodle!

Centerpiece Pool Noodle Hack: Cut up a pool noodle instead of buying expensive floral foam | spotofteadesigns.comDerek cut up the pool noodle to fit in each tin and then I poked a hole to insert my paper straw pinwheels right inside. It was a perfect fit!

Pinwheel first birthday party: DIY Pinwheel centerpieces with pool noodle foam as center #birthdayparty |

After adding some rocks to the bottom for weight, I hot glued some crinkle paper (from my Happy Child Nutritional Shake package) as filler to hide my pool noodle hack. Voila! My mini centerpieces were done! And for a really affordable price, I might add.

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Scrapbooking: Brielle’s Baby Book Part VII Months 8 and 9

DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links. Know that I only promote products I personally use and stand behind. To learn more about my affiliates, please review my disclosure policy here.

Brielle's #Baby #Scrapbook: see individual layouts that fill up her book |

Here are a few more pages from Brielle’s Baby Scrapbook:

Scrapbooked Baby Book: Month 8 |

Month 8: No real reason to go all duckie on this page except the colors worked with most of the photos. This month was spent babyproofing the house and it was a good thing too since the I had myself an early walker only a few weeks later!

Scrapbooked Baby Book: Month 8 |

On the first day of the month (after our photoshoot of course) I used our Boppy Shopping Cart Cover to put Brielle in the front of the cart for the first time… and she LOVED it! She’s been happily sitting up there every since! She also started to indulge in her first finger foods and was a crawling speed demon when we opened the fridge or dishwasher!

Supplies: Patterned Paper: Martha Stewart Crafts | Stickers: Jolee’s Boutique

Scrapbooked Baby Book: Month 9 featuring Amy Butler paper |

Month 9 began the latest popular hairstyle: ponytails! We seriously can ‘t go anywhere without someone commenting on how cute they are. Well, because they are!

Scrapbooked Baby Book: Month 9 featuring Amy Butler paper |

I titled this page “Here comes trouble” since she was getting into everything! Testing all the babyproofed items and finding new nooks and crannies for us to secure. She loved to grab the remote, cell phone or anything that wasn’t hers and was a BIG fan of her VTech – Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. I was happy to get yet another doily in her book with this Amy Butler paper I’ve been hoarding for so long!

Supplies: Patterned Paper: Amy Butler | Letters: Heidi Swapp, EK Success Bookworks | Punch: Martha Stewart Crafts | Label Sticker: Martha Stewart Crafts

Shutterfly Photo Books

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Grandparents’ Day Sunshine Kids’ Craft [FREE PRINTABLE]

DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links. Know that I only promote products I personally use and stand behind. To learn more about my affiliates, please review my disclosure policy here.

Grandparents' Day Fingerpaint #KidsCraft with #Free #Printable |
Did you know that Saturday is Grandparents Day? Well it is! And since Brielle is a lot more crafty this year versus last year, we made sure to get in some crafting time for our Gwenma, Pop Pop and Grandpa Jim!

Grandparents' Day Fingerpaint #KidsCraft with #Free #Printable |

We broke out our beloved Crayola 4ct Washable Fingerpaints, some paper and started to experiment!

Grandparents' Day Fingerpaint #KidsCraft with #Free #Printable |

How about a little paint on your fingers and have some fun? Nope. Not liking that.

Grandparents' Day Fingerpaint #KidsCraft with #Free #Printable |

How about a “paintbrush” made with a pipe cleaner and paper towel? Fun for a second then, boring!

Grandparents' Day Fingerpaint #KidsCraft with #Free #Printable |

How about using your hands IN the paint to make hand prints? Funny more than fun.

Grandparents' Day Fingerpaint #KidsCraft with #Free #Printable |

How about a paper plate filled with paint? YES!

That route is definitely her favorite painting style, as you’ve already seen during her Father’s Day and Mother’s Day crafting sessions. She loves to push on the plate to make prints on the paper and I’m perfectly ok with that!

Grandparents' Day Fingerpaint #KidsCraft with #Free #Printable |

We let her projects dry and once she was down for a nap, I transformed them into two sunshine crafts for her grandparents! Thank you Fisher Price and your Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack, which I used as concentric circle templates for the sun. The “rays” came from all the leftover scraps of her painting experiments.

Grandparents' Day Fingerpaint #KidsCraft with #Free #Printable |

Once assembled, I added a little tag up top to document her name and age. Lucky for you I turned this little tag into a free printable so you can make your own Grandparents’ Day project for choice in your home! Just click this link to download a 8.5×11 sheet containing 4 tags.

Happy Grandparents’ Day!

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Single Crates now on Sale at Kiwi Crate! shop now ››

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Krylon Make It Yours Contest With #FaveCrafts #MIYContest

Disclosure: I was compensated with product by Krylon via Prime Publishing and for these items, but the opinions expressed and project created are all mine. For more information on my disclosure policy, please visit this page. 

Pinwheel first birthday party: Monthly Photos displayed on dessert table in frames with @Krylon spray paint #birthdayparty |

You’ve already seen the overview post about my daughter Brielle’s Pinwheel First Birthday Party. Today I wanted to dive into one of the many DIY projects we (Derek and I) completed for her big day: the picture frames for the dessert table.

Ikea Vertical White Frames Used at several parties |

Back story: I purchased these vertical white frames at Ikea for $0.99 each for table thank you signs for our wedding and boy have they gone a long way! They have since been used for my nephew Logan’s 1st Birthday Party, my dad’s 60th birthday party, and Allie’s baby shower signage. All in white. But with a color palette of pink, yellow, mint green and blue for Brielle’s party, I thought it was time to update!

Krylon Spray Paints used for first birthday party decor |

I have been craving for an opportunity and DIY project where I can FINALLY get my hands in the spray paint craze that is all over the blogs to transform items with fun colors. So I was SUPER excited about this opportunity with Krylon!

Spray paint boring white frames with a pop of color using Krylon. read directions before use |

With a little one needing my attention, I asked my dear hubby to help me out on this project. We went with the Craft Series Shimmer Metallic can in bright pink and got to work. First up, read the directions! Nope, this isn’t a staged shot above. I actually caught him reading the directions before using it. Good boy! He made a little spray booth using the box from our car seat to hopefully keep the spray contained. (more on that later).


Next he started to spray the frames. By frame 12 he was a pro! Here are a few tips we learned about the process:

  • Start by spraying off the frame then on the frame and end off the frame. This stops any heavy, round spray marks from appearing.
  • Layering lighter coats is better than trying to cover everything at once.
  • Ventilation is needed. He worked in the garage but with the garage door open.
  • Cover more of your floor than just the spray booth area. While he didn’t physically spray anywhere but within the booth, the mist of the spray did come outside our box and around the floor space. Luckily it wiped off super easily from our pretty floors but that wouldn’t have been the case if it was done on grass or concrete.

Pinwheel first birthday party: Dessert Table #birthdayparty |

Overall I was happy with the outcome of these sparkly new pink frames with the metallic shimmer look! They went great with the dessert table décor showing off miss Brielle’s 12 months of growth.

I’m happily entering this project in the FaveCrafts Make It Yours® with Krylon® Contest! Enter your project by September 8th for a chance to win cash prizes or a set of Krylon Spray Paints so you can DIY a project at home!

For more information on Krylon, including some how to video tutorials, check out their website!

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Pinwheel 1st Birthday Party Details

Disclosure: I am a Tiny Prints affiliate and was compensated with products for this post. While this post contains affiliate links, the opinions expressed are all mine! Note: I only promote and share products I personally use and recommend! To learn more, please review my disclosure policy here

Pinwheel first #birthdayparty - cookie pop cupcake topper|

We started dreaming up Brielle’s first birthday months before the big day. We knew a few things: a) we didn’t want a ton of people so we were going to the “family only” route b) we wanted to cater the food so we didn’t have to cook c) it had to include some DIY elements! So please excuse this photo overload post but I’m very excited to share the details of Brielle’s big day and her pinwheel themed 1st birthday party!


Pinwheel first birthday party: @TinyPrints invitation #birthdayparty |

I knew that I would be doing a bunch of DIY craft projects for the party so when it came time to invite our guests, I decided not to design my own but instead went straight to the experts – Tiny Prints! After clicking through page upon page of 1st birthday invitations, I settled on a chalkboard like design called “Precious One” and ended up being so inspired that I added chalkboard accents throughout the party!


Pinwheel first birthday party: DIY Pinwheel centerpieces with pool noodle foam as center #birthdayparty |

With a theme like pinwheels, I made sure there was a bunch on display. I made my own using this technique and hot glued them to wood skewers and paper straws. Yep they were for display only and did not spin. Look for an upcoming post with a little more detail about these guys.

Pinwheel first birthday party: Dessert Table #birthdayparty | spotofteadesigns.comThis dessert table became my main focus for the party décor. I was very lucky to reuse the polka dot garland Allie made for my baby shower as the background for Brielle’s dessert table. The top was also a semi homemade approach using a Martha Stewart garland kit that I altered to hide the curtain rod.

Pinwheel first birthday party: Faux Chalkboard Stats Sign and Pinwheel cupcake toppers. #birthdayparty |

I brought in the chalkboard look inspired by my Tiny Prints invitation with faux chalkboard signs. I used a metallic Sharpie on black foam core to freehand one of those trendy “First Birthday Stats” boards. I love how it came out and showed off all that my daughter was up to these days!

The center of the table showcased an old Martha Stewart Crafts cardboard cupcake stand I had from my days at EK, that I dressed up with some punched border pieces. Homemade cupcakes were lined up on top with yet more DIY pinwheel cupcake toppers.

Pinwheel first birthday party: Chocolate covered Oreo dessert #birthdayparty |

Pinwheel first birthday party: Smores desserts with yellow chocolate #birthdayparty |

Colorful homemade chocolate covered Oreos and Smores rounded out the dessert selection.

Pinwheel first birthday party: customized napkins and cookie pop #cupcake topper #birthdayparty |

If guests made a mess, they could easily pick up a custom birthday banner napkin that matched our pink, teal, mint green and bright yellow décor.

Pinwheel first birthday party: Monthly Photos displayed on dessert table in frames with @Krylon spray paint #birthdayparty |

Each month I had been taking photos of Brielle in monthly onesies on the pink rocking chair in her nursery. I displayed them in vertical frames throughout the dessert table that I spray painted for the party. Learn more details about these here!

Pinwheel first birthday party: Drink Party station with signs to direct guests to other drinks. #birthdayparty |

Since we redid our garage last summer and added a second fridge, it became a convenient place for the drinks for a party.

Pinwheel first birthday party: Party Drinks Sign. Let guests help themselves! #birthdayparty |

I added a little drink station on Derek’s work table (which will be featured in an upcoming Garage Makeover Part II post) and made sure to include signs to direct guests to all the drink options available.

Pinwheel first birthday party: Look who's one faux chalkboard sign #birthdayparty |


Pinwheel first birthday party: @Shutterfly photo book with blown up photos on each page to serve as guest book #birthdayparty |

A Shutterfly photobook served as a guest book for everyone to sign. It included some of our favorite photos of Brielle blown up to fit the full page, which was fun to flip through.

Pinwheel first birthday party: One Highchair Garland. #birthdayparty |

Brielle enjoyed her second taste of sugar on her big day. (The first was a few days earlier on her actual birthday). A custom highchair garland was needed to capture this fun moment! And boy did she love that icing!


Pinwheel first birthday party: Kid favors #birthdayparty |

Each of the cousins who came to celebrate received a rolled up coloring book and pack of crayons for future coloring adventures! I love encourage crafty art time with the kids!

Pinwheel first birthday party: Favors #birthdayparty |

For the adults and older kids, I was VERY happy and honored when my friend Cherylin offered to make her adorable sugar cookies. You’ve already seen Cherylin’s cookie magic for my work bridal showerwork baby shower, and Brielle’s first Christmas and now you can see what she does for parties!

Pinwheel first birthday party: Cookie pop favors with @TinyPrints thank you tag #birthdayparty |

She suggested (and I was on board) for pinwheel cookie pops with cellophane bags so I gave her the color palette and let her do her thing. A pretty Tiny Prints gift tag sticker completed the fun favor for their ride home. (NOTE: Even though I believe this sticker was originally designed for Valentine’s Day, it worked perfectly for Brielle to show her love to her guests!)

Pinwheel first #birthdayparty - cookie pop cupcake topper|

Cherylin also create a cookie pop for Brielle’s cupcake when we sang Happy Birthday. Look how cute this is!!!

If anyone in the Central New Jersey area is interested in using Cherylin’s cookie making services for you next event, check out her Flickr page to see her other work and contact her here: CherylinsCustomCookies(at)gmail(dot)com. Tell her I sent you :)


Pinwheel first birthday party: @TinyPrints thank you card #birthdayparty |

While this will be a spoiler for most of my guests, I also ordered beautiful Thank You cards with another photo from our pinwheel birthday party invitation photo shoot. She’s actually clapping in this photo! :)

Overall, I was so happy with how the party decorations came out, but even more happy with the BEAUTIFUL weather that day and the fun Brielle had with all her family around!

A Special HELLO to all the new followers coming over from my guest post on the Tiny Prints Blog! Welcome!

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