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Banana Muffins

If you didn’t already know, but might’ve already guessed, I’m not a chef! I don’t really know how to cook (maybe since both D and I don’t really like a lot of stuff) but I do enjoy baking! Made these bad boys the other day:


I’m a fan of the “recipe box” feature on which stores my favorites like as a virtual recipe box.

Like any google search, I also sift through the first page of reviews before making a recipe to see what alternative things groups of people were finding to make the recipe better. I did the “swap 1/3 cup oil instead of butter” thing since I was low on butter (PS why is butter never on sale these days?!) and they made 12 decent sized muffins. Try the recipe and the recipe box!

Dried Flowers: Chinese Lanterns

chinese lanterns

When we bought our new house, my mom gave me some flowers from her house to fill in this one garden spot we had. I got a bunch of pots of flowers, but had no idea what types or how they would grow. The only one she warned me about were the Chinese Lanterns. They have a pretty shape, color, and design, but man are they hard to control! They grow with these underground shoots that pop up and take over a certain area.

chinese lanterns in the garden. top pic spring bottom pic late summer

Exhibit A: (top photo April, bottom photo August) They gave me one potted plant that soon spread width wise to all those shoots at the back of the top photo by spring. The bottom photo shows how they took over the joint! There are lots of tall lantern plants under there, which typically I think stand up more but these were laid down more due to a bunch of days of heavy rain we had.

drying chinese lanterns

D doesn’t like them so close to the house so we decided to move them to a new location next year. In the meantime, I wanted to dry this year’s plants to use as a home decor item this fall. I snipped the stems of the good shoots and stripped the stems of their leaves as shown below. I read that Chinese Lanterns like to be stood upright when drying to I put them in a tall container and allowed the bunch to dry in my garage.

Chinese Lantern Dried Flower Arrangment

Here is the arrangment I made with my dried stems. I put some loose lanterns on the bottom of the clear glass vase, then tried to arrange the other stems around them. I’m not florist, but I’m pretty happy with my dried flower experience. Since Friday was the first day of fall, the colors are perfect for a fall display at the front entrance to our house!

Besides a few other pumpkin things, this is sadly pretty much the extent of fall decor in my home. I was inspired by Becky Higgins Fall Fest post and I realize I need to get out to the stores to get more accessories!

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I wanna ROCK!

On a trip out to Arizona, my mom bought a few rock bracelets that contains small colorful stones. They were strung on really cheap elastic, I think, which were more about making the sale of the rocks to be used in another capacity than to actually wear them as bracelets as is. Well they started to fall apart so she came to me for a solution.

rock bracelets

BEFORE: Here are three of the "bracelets" she brought to me "do something" to make them wearable. I snipped the elastic, took the stones and restrung them onto two different bracelets with better closures.

rock bracelets with silver closures

AFTER: The bracelet on the left is a double strand, as my mom wears alot of blue and green together, with a magnetic closure. The second is a single strand that uses a toggle closure. Nothing too crazy or different than what she had except they have a nicer user friendly closure and use a tougher stringing wire so they don't snap.

(supplies: Closures – Jolees jewels)

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I heart mail

i heart mail thumbnail

I know we live in a digital world. And I love an instant email as much as the next person. But at the same time, I also LOVE to get physical mail. (Of course, bills not included!) When getting home from work the first thing I ask is “did you get the mail?” Hence why I designed this “I heart mail” design.

 Therefore, you know my favorite time of the year is Christmas Card season! Come August, I’ve usually already designed and printed my card for that year. Holiday Snail Mail is the design I made last year. You’ll need to wait a few months to see what design I do this year!

Pinwheels go round and round

pinwheels cards for birthday and baby

Here’s a fun little embellishment you can make yourself, a pinwheel!

Take 1 square piece of paper (I used a 2 x 2 inch square for mine). A double sided paper is best so if you don’t have a print you like, make your own. I used this polka dot background stamp from HeroArts and stamped both sides in two different colors.

supplies to make a pinwheel

1. Cut slits in all four corners of the square paper.

2. Fold part of each of the slits into the center to form the pinwheel look.

3. Overlap these triangle pieces if needed and hold together with a brad in the center.

how to make a pinwheel

Here’s your pinwheel!

Put on the front of cards for birthdays or kids themes like this ‘welcome baby’ design. It’s a cute card and a great way to use up scraps.

pinwheels cards for birthday and baby

(supplies: patterned paper – k&company, stamp – hero arts, card base for blue card – martha stewart crafts)

Happy belated Bday shoutout, KB! She received the pink version on the left! (you may remember her talents from this post!)

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Food Fight Club


I enjoy a good pun.

I love a play on words.

I also love when they take celebrities and make a celebrity nickname when smushing their names.

Hence why I enjoyed designing this Food Fight Club design. It combines two concepts into one shirt that’s a play on words from the movie Fight Club. Get it for any little one who’s parent is a movie nerd.

Semi Homemade: Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap

Wendy’s has this menu item that D likes to get, a Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap. Basically it’s a piece of breaded chicken, lettuce and caesar dressing in a wrap shell. Recently in getting it, we discussed how easy it could be to remake at home.

semi homemade crispy chicken caesar wraps

We took a cue from Sandra Lee, who does these semi homemade meals on the Food Network, where some ingredients are prepared items and some are bought fresh, and we decided to make our own!

Semi homemade crispy chicken snack wraps

D made his version (on the top) with the caesar dressing, just like in the original Wendy’s version, while I switched it up and used avacado as my extra condiment (bottom photo).

They were quick, easy and yummy! I’d recommend you give them a try!

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