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Sand and Sea Cupcakes

Sand and Sea Cupcakes |

I’ve seen a lot of cute beach themed cupcakes on Pinterest lately (like this one that I pinned over two years ago). Since we were headed down the shore for our family reunion, I decided to make a set to bring down!

Sand and Sea Cupcakes |

Materials: ** Coupon mentions were live at time of posting

Sand and Sea Cupcakes |

Bake your cupcakes as directed on the box and allow to cool.

Sand and Sea Cupcakes |

Mix blue food coloring in the icing to make an “water” for your cupcakes.

Sand and Sea Cupcakes |

Place some graham crackers in a Ziploc bag and place in between a folded kitchen towel and use the meat tenderizer to create “sand” crumbs.

Sand and Sea Cupcakes |

Apply a layer of blue “water” icing on the cupcake and sprinkle “sand” on one side.

Use kitchen food scissors to cut little strips of Fruit Roll Ups to make a little towel. Add a little bit of icing on the back and lay on the “sand”. Add a little icing on the back of a Teddy Graham and lay them on top. Insert some bears in the water like they’re swimming

Sand and Sea Cupcakes |

Add a mini drink umbrella and voila your fun sand and sea cupcakes are complete!

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Summer Beach Party Cupcakes

Recently, we attending a joint birthday party celebration for 2 brothers. Mikey was turning 5 and Charlie was turning 2. These boys were very lucky to have talented aunts who cut, chopped and baked their dessert table for the party.

Charlie, like most 2 year olds, loves cars, trucks and motorcycles. Aunt Christine made him a motorcycle race track cake, complete with mini motorcycle toys that later needed to be cleaned off immediately for play!

Mikey, on the other hand, had a summer beach party theme with an awesome cupcake stand, shark watermelon fruit basket and shark sugar cookies made by Aunt Anette.

Anette cut a watermelon like a shark with a large open mouth to fill with cut fruit and Sweddish fish. Insert some Barbie legs and the vicious and delicious dessert display was complete!

Check out these cupcakes! Can you believe the above shark design was made from a Twinkie?

Look closely and you’ll see that the people inside the donut tubes, were made from nilla wafers! The buoys were made with a mini cone turned upside down with a lollipop down the middle.

Nice job Christine and Anette! Happy Birthday Charlie and Mikey!

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Sunflower and ladybug Cupcakes

Working in a company of mostly women, you tend to be around a lot of great bakers and therefore great desserts. And office workers, men or women, love to celebrate birthdays with said baked goods! The other day I came across these adorable cupcakes in the aftermath of a birthday celebration in our kitchen common area… aka I didn’t make these!

Sunflower Oreo Cupcakes with ladybug M&Ms |

These were made by a girl named Amanda and I thought they were so cute, I took a few pictures! (before snagging a sample for myself, of course!)

Sunflower Oreo Cupcakes with ladybug M&Ms |

Basic explanation: Yellow cupcake with green colored vanilla frosting, topped with a flower petal surrounded Oreo cookie and an M&M on top that is frosted like a ladybug. How adorable is that? Besides getting down the flower petal technique using an icing tip, it doesn’t seem that hard of a cupcake design, so give it a try!

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I’m here for the cupcakes!

If you haven’t noticed from reading my blog, I love cupcakes! I think they’re cute as an icon and they’re yummy in the tummy!

Fact: I am more of a fan of the cake, not the icing.

Fact: I like cupcakes out of a box best, but I did successfully make Red Velvet ones from scratch.

hereforcupcakes thumb

This design was suggested by my good friend Allie. I already had a great selling Sweet Holidays cupcake inspired Holiday card design from a previous year so she suggested I adapt it to proclaim to all that I’m here for the cupcakes! It’s a great shirt for adults, looking for the sugary delights or the toddlers who have no idea why they’re celebrating someone’s yearly birthday except that they get cake in the end.

And wouldn’t you know, my best selling style/size is a on a maternity shirt!

Favorites Party – Part II The Details

As promised, here are a few more details from the Favorites Party!

Thanks for coming tags

I had been inspired by the paint chip crafts I kept finding on Pinterest, in particular this one by BellaCarla with a stamped image.

I grabbed a few paint chips from Home Depot with a fall palette in mind to make my thank you tags.

Thank you tags paint chip crafts materials

I cut them in half, stamped a polka dot pattern with Pigment Ink and did a little heat emboss action to add texture.

heat embossing on paint chip thank you tags

Add a printed phrase, a heat embossed owl and a ribbon and voila, a pretty thank you tag!

supplies and finished thank you tag made from paint chips

(supplies: Stamps – Hero Arts, Stamp pad - Color Blox, Materials - Inkadinkado Embossing Powder, Ribbon – Martha Stewart Crafts)

Cupcake Recipe

#13 on my 30 Before Thirty list included making cupcakes from scratch. I went on my favorite recipe site,, and decided on a Red Velvet Cupcake recipe from McCormick brand to be my first ever cupcakes from scratch. I think they turned out pretty good, but was surprised that the recipe really does make 30 cupcakes!

Decorated Dessert Table

#27 on my 30 Before Thirty List included making one of those fun coordinated dessert tables for a party. I always see them on sites like Amy Atlas Events and TomKat Studios and love them! I altered this concept to just be a coordinated party table, not just desserts.

I think it turned out pretty cute! With the thank you bags and basic serving ware on one side, the Chinese Lanterns and other fall items in the center and the cupcakes and snack items on the right, it turned out to be a functional, yet cute, set up!

Owl Candle Holder, White Cake Stand – Home Goods
Candy corn candy dish, Tablecloth - Kohls
Pumpkin basket, pumpkin decoration – Michaels

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Owl Cupcakes

Spider Cupcakes

Owl Cupcakes

Thus far, I’ve only ever worked at companies that sell consumer products. I worked either in the design, marketing or web departments, and so these are often very creative places. Come Halloween people tend to go all out in costumes and department decorating extravagance.

I tend to stand on the sideline and admire their creative craftiness for this fun holiday. Sometimes my personal Halloween costumes didn’t work in a corporate atmosphere (Hooters girl or 1/4th of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and sometimes I just wasn’t into it. This year instead of dressing up and decking out my desk in spiderwebs, I decided to at least do something else fun and I made my friends some adorable cupcakes!

I saw these Owl Cupcakes on the Me and My Tadpole blog and knew they’ve be perfect for my Halloween treat (only I made mine from a box mix instead of the recipe listed).

Prepping the owl cupcakes

I baked the cupcakes and while cooling, prepped the other materials. The tip given on the Me and My Tadpole blog to microwave a few cookies for 5 seconds, really did help to keep the cream hole on one side!

Owl Cucakes

I used Reeses pieces for both the eyes and the beak and I still think they look super cute!

owl cupcake instead a cupcake box with stand

I had these Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween Cupcake boxes for a few years that I wanted to put into use. Each box had a separate piece, that when slipped inside the box, would help the cupcake sit still and not wiggly around. Genius!

Halloween cupcake box with label

I slapped the coordinating label on the front with a “Happy Halloween” message and closed it with the skull and crossbones sticker.

Owl cupcakes in cupcake boxes

Before making these, I had shared the link with a few friends, one of which made her own altered version! Mary has Sugargliders, so she altered this wide eyed treat to mimic her little pets when making cupcakes with her neice!

Sugar Glider Cupcakes

Thanks for letting me share, Mary!

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Spider Cupcakes

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Spider Cupcakes

I’m no chef but I like to bake….cupcakes out of a box that is! Here are some photos of a simple Halloween cupcake decoration I did for a halloween party a few years back.

spider cupcakes without icing or decoration

bake (Supplies: Cupcake Wrappers - Martha Stewart Crafts)

spider cupcakes with only white icing

add white icing.

spider cupcakes

add orange and purple sprinkles. top with mini oreos and some icing for legs and eyes. YUM!

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Spring Is Here!

Spring is Here!



Nothing too creative to share today, except an older photo of these butterfly springy cupcakes I made for a girls party!


Also if you have one near you Rita’s gives away a free Italian Ice today for the first day of spring so make sure to go get one!

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