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Handmade with Love VII: Wedding Edition

As a crafter, I know how long it takes to make some handmade gifts. Items I receive need more than the few minutes of love I can give it, so I’m happy to post these Handmade with Love posts that showcase great handmade cards or gifts I have received. Today’s post is all about wedding related handmade items received!

In September, before my big day, my girls at work (and a few of the guys too!) hosted a little bridal shower snack time with a few gifts. It was really sweet and actually caught me off guard in timing so I was surprised! April, a local artist and now neighborly friend, created the card for the occassion, which was a print of one of her beautiful paintings!


Cherylin put her baking talents to good use when creating the adorable heart and bell shaped cookies seen above! Not only were they beautiful (in my black and gold color palette!) but they also tasted delicious too!! Thanks for the sugary delights, Cherylin!


A few days before the big day, our mailbox began filling up with well wishes for those who couldn’t attend. I was lucky enough to receive this adorable T (heart) D card from a very talented crafter friend and past coworker, Danielle! You know how much I love me some polka dots!


D and I waited until after the wedding and after the honeymoon to sit and open all the cards and gifts generously given to us by family and friends. For me, of course, my favorite part was reading the cards and checking out all the handmade ones! The above card was made with a regular on the Handmade with Love series, my crafty friend Liz, made with a mix of stamps and layered punches!


This beautiful creation was made by another crafty friend and previous coworker Anita. I love the black and white classic color palette!


Avid readers know the name Allie and how important she is in my life (and a supporting cast member of this blog)! I was happy to have her stand by me as my MOH on the big day and honored to receive one of her handmade creations!


The above gift was given by a family friend, Kathy, who told my mom she always makes sure to give a handmade gift from her current home state of Vermont. This glass fish plate is from Frog Hollow, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the exposure and appreciation of fine Vermont art and craft. It was made by Chet Color and Viiu Niiler and features what appears to be a piecies symbol, my zodiac sign!

It’s all about the owl

It’s fall and officially the Halloween prep season! One icon that seems to still be trendy for this season, everyday home decor and all around cuteness is the owl.

In honor of this wise old character, I thought I’d recap some owl related crafts that was appeared on my blog in the past.

Handmade Owl Costume

Owl costume

supplies and finished thank you tag made from paint chips
Favorites Party “Thanks for coming” tags

Pink Owl Themed Bridal Shower
Owl Cucakes

Owl Halloween Cupcakes

owl thank you card gift all bundled up
Owl Wedding Shower Thank You Cards

 Ho ho hoot Christmas cards

Liz Urso’s Owl Lizling

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Bridal Shower Thank Yous: Peaches and Butterflies

I’ve made Thank You card sets for family and friends when they’ve gotten married or had a baby. So of course, I had to handmade thank you cards for my own shower!

Sorry, no step out images this time, just the beautiful final shots of these fun cards.

But I can tell you that I didn’t think I’d have enough full sheets of patterned paper so I cut up what I had into strips and used this wide ‘Thank you” stamp to cover up the remaining section. It worked out perfectly as a background for my floating butterfly with the wire antenna accent! :)

Thank You again to those who attended and for all the wonderful gifts!!!

And the countdown continues….2 months from today!

(supplies: Paper: Martha Stewart Crafts; Stamps: Hero Arts and Martha Stewart Crafts; Glitter: Martha Stewart Crafts; wire)

Handmade with Love VI

As a crafter, I know how long it takes to make some handmade gifts. Items I receive need more than the few minutes of love I can give it, so I’m happy to post these Handmade with Love posts that showcase great handmade cards or gifts I have received.

In May, I was the MOH for Allie’s beautiful Virginia wedding. As part of my gift at the rehearsal dinner, Allie handmade me this card and gave me a photo book that documented our 10 years we’ve known each other. It was great to see the progression of our friendship, from college sophomores to the successful adults we are today, all put together in a pretty book!


In June, Allie turned the roles around and helped host my bridal shower as my MOH. She crafted this cute little note on behalf of the bridesmaids, using some Jolee’s sticker and pretty yellow papers.


My mom has a decent sized stash of crafting materials from my years in the crafting field and I always encourage her to make her own cards with these materials. (You may remember D’s birthday card I showcased here.) Here’s the card she made for my shower, continuing the yellow theme with some fun yellow flowers.


Our family friend Pat has been represented several times now on the handmade with love series. More of a stamper than a scrapbooker, Pat always makes a gorgeous card with a mix of textures, punches and dimensions. I always love that her cards include a piece of cardstock inside, with a gradient stamped edge. It makes the inside just a little more special once you open!


Lastly, I wanted to share a very sweet gift I was given at the shower. My friend Liz, a fellow crafter, has an adorable mom, Nikki, who sent Liz with her own gift to me. Italian born Nikki gave me the Martha Stewart Lasagna pan from my registry, along with her recipe for lasagna handwritten and included in the card. I can’t wait to try out her version of this meal in the dish given. I always love a coordinated gift and a handwritten one is even more special!

Vanessa’s Group Wine Gift

In mid July, Vanessa’s bridesmaids got together for a bachelorette weekend celebration in Atlantic City before her big day. As Vanesssa already got lots of lingerie gifts at her bridal shower, Sherryl, of Sweet Little Nothings, found this cute idea as a group gift for the bride.

Each bridesmaid picked one hopefully upcoming reason for Vanessa and her husband Kevin to celebrate a milestone with a bottle of wine. We each bought a bottle and decorated or hung a tag to describe the reason for that bottle. I picked first baby.

The few examples I saw online were meant to celebrate the news of being pregnant and basically said for the husband to sit and drink the bottle by himself while the nine months passed for the pregnant wife. What fun is that? Instead, I took the approach of a parental time out after the baby arrives and the babysitter is near.

I wrote the above poem in my typically favorite rhyme scheme: ABCB and decorated it with Martha Stewart Crafts baby stickers. Hopefully Vanessa and Kevin will be enjoying this next chapter sooner than later! :)

I apologize for the horrible day of photos below. She opened her wine bottle gifts in a hotel room with really horrible lighting so I refrained from using a flash to not wash out the white papers. Instead it resulted in some blurry photos!

Some other milestones included honeymoon, like the bottle on the left decorated by kate with paint pens drawn all over the bottle and the “almost a bride” occassion hand written by Natalie with some wedding stickers as accents.

The above bottle was made by fellow crafter, and previous guest poster, Liz Urso. She crafted a 3 part tag to include the “First Fight” milestone (celebration of making up!), the cute tag describing it and an ADORABLE sketch of Vanessa and Kevin, her hubby to be!

Year of Date Nights: June

Year of Date Nights Gift = 12 gifts opened all year round! Great alternative for Bridesmaid gift to Bride #wedding |

In April, 7 bridesmaids and I helped to host a bridal shower for Allie, my top guest poster and also my MOH! (I was hers too!). I saw this concept on a Pinterest pin from this blog and instead of pooling our money to get her a large pot set, we decided to give her and her husband the gift of time! We bought them 12 gifts, which we labeled “A Year of Date Nights”. Here’s the opening letter Allie was allowed to open at the shower, which explained her gift:

“In just a few weeks, you will say “I Do.”
Then a fun year of marriage is in store for you.
Since finding alone time can be the hard part,
We 8 bridesmaids gave you a head start.

We call this gift “A year of fun dates”
For you to enjoy with your chosen mate.
On the first of each month, you can open the seal
And that month’s date, you will reveal.

Enclosed you’ll find alone time with Tim.
What date of the month? That’s up to you and him.
You may find outdoor adventures, activities or shopping,
Dinners, destinations and even bar hopping!

Promise us, right now and right here!
You’ll keep the suspense throughout the whole year.
Don’t peak at the date until the month arrives
So you can continue to keep it a surprise.

Make sure that you bring a camera with you
To document the fun activities you do.
Cherish this time with the love of your life,
Allie you will make a terrific wife!”

On the first of each month, Allie and Tim will be able to open that month’s gift, read what it is and plan a date to make it happen. Once I know they opened their gift for that month, I’ll post the details here to share.

Yesterday marked A&T’s one month anniversary! Let’s celebrate today with the reveal of the first gift!

This month, A&T opened their June box to discover a pizza box, with this message under the lid:

Present a pizza gift card in a mini pizza box |

Inside they found the menu, flyer and gift card for a local pizzeria restaurant and a gift card to the nearby frozen yogurt place.

Present a pizza gift card in a mini pizza box |

Happy one month of marriage A&T!

(supplies: Stickers: Sticko and Jolee’s Boutique)

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Here Comes The BRIDES

(supplies: Stickers: Jolee’s)

Yes I said more than one Bride!! As this post goes live, I’m actually down in Virginia taking part in Allie’s wedding as her maid of honor! Since she got engaged, I have been having fun wedding planning for hers and even more excited when we were able to start planning together!

In addition, I had been asked to be in my friend Aimee’s wedding ON THE SAME DATE! Unfortunately, I have not yet possessed the power of being in both Virgina and Wisconsin at the same time, so I will have to celebrate Aimee’s big day from afar. I am there in spirit!!!

Congrats again to Allie & Tim AND Aimee & Micah!

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