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Playing With Gold Jewelry Accessories

I’m more of a silver jewelry girl myself. But I had a bunch of gold accessories in my collection of jewelry making materials. I decided to take them out one day and make something with them.

Misc Gold Jewelry materials |

In just a short amount of time I made the below necklace accessory:

Gold and Pearl accessories necklace |

You know this necklace will only be worn at places where Miss Brielle isn’t in hand!

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Thanksgiving Placecard Pillow Boxes with Recycled Paper Tubes

DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links. Know that I only share and promote products I personally use and stand behind. To learn more about my affiliates, please review my disclosure policy here

#Thanksgiving Placecard Pillow Boxes made with recycled paper tubes and toddler fingerpaint excerise |

Years ago, a tradition was started for kids to make the placecards at our Thanksgiving table.


Since my sister and I were the only kids for a good chunk of time, most of the earlier ones were all made by us! But once my cousins and nephews started popping up there was a new look to these turkey, corn, or pilgrim filled classics. You can see quite the collection of past family designs my mom kept throughout the years.

Kid made #Thanksgiving Turkey Place cards |

Last year my nephew, Blake, took a turn, creating these super cute feather turkeys with my sister.

Toddler Fingerpaint activity turned into #Thanksgiving feather placecards |

This year, Brielle and I were making an attempt to create these one of a kind placecard designs to decorate the table. First we brought out, none other than our finger painting gear – Crayola Primary Washable Fingerpaints and a Brights pack, and an old black t-shirt as a smock.

Toddler Fingerpaint activity turned into #Thanksgiving feather placecards |

Now over a year old, she was understanding what fingerpainting meant, unlike some of our earlier attempts. She knew when I put a drop of paint down, she could use her hands to smush it around.

Toddler Fingerpaint activity turned into #Thanksgiving feather placecards |

I also gave her a paintbrush to see what she’d do with that but the messy painting was her favorite.

Turn toddler fingerpaint exercise into feathers for #Thanksgiving |

After cleaning up and drying out, I turned her fingerpaint mess into fun feature shapes with a fringed edge.

Turn recycled cardboard tubes into mini pillow boxes |

We turned ordinary recycled cardboard tubes into little pillow boxes by squeezing them to make an oval shape then folding in each side.

#Thanksgiving Placecard Pillow Boxes made with recycled paper tubes and toddler fingerpaint excerise |

After wrapping with construction paper and attaching a name with a brad, these toddler made feather placecards were ready for the table!

#Thanksgiving Placecard Pillow Boxes made with recycled paper tubes and toddler fingerpaint excerise |

Knowing that my family loves some sweets, they will each find two little peanut butter cups to enjoy hopefully AFTER dinner. (but knowing my family, they will be consumed beforehand!)

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Entry Mirror Makeover with Deco Art Americana Decor Paint

DISCLOSURE: I am part of the DecoArt Blogger Program and was provided product samples. I only promote and share products I personally use and recommend! To learn more, please review my disclosure policy here. Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt American Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint | Like many homes, when you walk in the front door we have a vacant wall, perfect for the good old entry table and mirror combo. 4.5 years ago when we moved in, we purchased a table from Pier 1 that fit perfectly in this space and a mirror with a beaded detail edge to hang above. Entry way mirror makeover: the before shots and how I decorated them | I LOVE to decorate this space for each season, like the birthday setup from Brielle’s Pinwheel first birthday party or when hanging the Fabric Scrap Wreath I made for Christmas. But when we recently redid our home office and foyer (upcoming blog post alert), I had a chance to reevaluate this area to which I realized… this dark mirror is just too big for this space! Sure a cute round one with fun details would probably be perfect here but I wasn’t into shelling out more $$ when I could work some magic to redo the one I already had. Enter: DecoArt Americana Décor Paint in Chalky Finish. Entry Mirror Makeover featuring @DecoArt_Inc Americana Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint | Chalk paint is something I’ve seen on a lot of blogs lately and am always drawn to the look. It’s important to note that it’s NOT chalkboard paint but rather a thicker paint that doesn’t require any priming. I chose a soft turquoise color called Treasure as a pop of color on my wall and a clear wax to seal it once complete. Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt_Inc Americana Chalky Finish Paint | To complete this DIY transformation, I first covered my mirror with some scrap paper and painter’s tape and used a rag to clean off any dirt from the mirror. After applying one coat of paint to the whole frame I went back for a second for a thicker application. It’s not required but I felt like I needed it for my particular piece. Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt_Inc Americana Chalky Finish Paint | After drying overnight (not needed, but it was how my timeline worked) I took a good look at the mirror and took the plunge to go shabby chic. By rubbing a fine piece of sandpaper along all the edges, corners and a tiny bit around the beaded accents, the original dark color came through for a unique distressed look. Make sure you thoroughly clean all the little material that came off from sanding, including in all those nooks and crannies before the next step. Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt_Inc Americana Chalky Finish Paint | Apply the clear wax and after drying, grab a clean rag and start buffing the frame to your desired shine. Not sure if you can tell on the above photo but the left side was buffed and a glossy sheen came through while the ride side was still very matte. Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt American Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint | My mirror was done! I love the pop of color this now gives with our new grey walls! I do see lots of texture from both my paintbrushed application and sandpaper distressing and I love it! Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt American Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint | spotofteadesigns.comWell hello there, me! :) Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt American Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint | I totally look at all the home décor pieces at home goods in a new light now. I can do that look myself! Entry Mirror Makeover with @DecoArt American Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint | I can’t wait to decorate this space for holidays and each growing season! (Including coming up with a better non seasonal staging than this wicker basket of balls!) Learn more about DécorArt via their website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Youtube.

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Krylon Mini Mystery Box: Winter Snowman & ebook launch

Disclosure: I was compensated with product by Krylon for this post, but the opinions expressed and project created are all mine. For more information on my disclosure policy, please visit this page.

Wood Crate Snowman: a @KrylonBrand Mini Mystery Box creation |

You may remember back in August when we FINALLY got the opportunity to try out a spray paint project when we made the monthly photo frames for Brielle’s Pinwheel birthday party.

Pinwheel first birthday party: Monthly Photos displayed on dessert table in frames with @Krylon spray paint #birthdayparty |

It was our first time using this material and we of course had a bit of a learning curve. I’m happy to report that I got another chance to play around with this fun material when I received a Krylon Mini Mystery Box!

Krylon Mystery Box Contents @KrylonBrand |

What’s that, you ask? It’s a box of random materials to which I could be creative and make a project! In my box I received: 2 Cans of Kyrlon Short Cuts (aka the cutest little cans of spray paint you ever did see!), 1 Walnut Hollow Mini Crate, 2 White Bandanas, 1 piece of burlap and an assortment of buttons.

@KrylonBrand Short Cuts - the cutest little bottles of spray spray! |

With a little girl at home who’s room includes an accent of pink, my first thought was to decorate something for her room. But upon further review with the lack of space I had to put anything in there, I decided to brainstorm some more. That’s when it hit me: I need more winter holiday décor! So while most blogs are showing off their awesome pumpkin décor, I’m breaking the mold and showing off my first winter holiday creations: a wood crate snowman!

Wood Crate Snowman: a @KrylonBrand Mini Mystery Box creation |

First step was to paint the main surfaces. Besides the mini crate, I also covered an old tin I got YEARS ago to make the snowman’s head.

Wood Crate Snowman: a @KrylonBrand Mini Mystery Box creation |

I covered both pieces with the blue Short Cuts paint and allowed to dry. I was so impressed with the coverage on just a few light coats. In fact I might just have to buy some of those ugly dollar store tins and spray them for a full on cute makeover!

Wood Crate Snowman: a @KrylonBrand Mini Mystery Box creation |

After the pieces were thoroughly dried, I glued in a piece of scrapbook paper inside the crate, just for a little texture and design.

Wood Crate Snowman: a @KrylonBrand Mini Mystery Box creation |

After painting the buttons black, I assembled all my parts, which also include a burlap scarf. Now please forgive the basic beauty shot of the project seen here but, as you may realize, my winter décor items are still packed away. Stay tuned as I’m sure you’ll see this guy decked out in a winter vignette in a future winter themed post I’m sure!

For more information on Krylon, including some how to video tutorials, check out their website or visit them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

#MakeitYours @KrylonBrand ebook about spray paint inspiration in holiday and home decor

Speaking of Krylon, remember back in August when I entered my monthly photo project in the Make It Yours® with Krylon® contest hosted on Well they turned some of the entries into an awesome eBook!  You can see spray painted projects for holiday and home décor using Krylon spray in the ebook here! Oh and they’re offering a fun giveaway for a huge assortment of Krylon spray paint in this #MakeitYours Giveaway! Good luck!

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DIY Toddler Strawberry Halloween Costume

#DIY Strawberry #Halloween Costume for a Toddler |

Last year I made Brielle a tutu for her Christmas card photoshoot. It was so cute!! Ok let’s look at that sweet little face again:

Baby Tutu Tutorial |

While it wasn’t too hard to time consuming to make, I was sad to see it was only worn for a few minutes of a photoshoot and that was it. I stored it in the closet waiting for another fun time to bring it back out. I decided this Halloween was that fun time!

First off, let’s recap how easy it was to make the tutu:


Yep, you cut the tulle and loop it through the band. I used a stretchy adult’ headband as the main band. Pretty easy, right? The next part wasn’t hard either!

DIY Strawberry #Halloween Costume Supplies |


  • Red long sleeve t-shirt (bought at Walmart for only $3.88!)
  • Felt (black, green – Hobby Lobby sells it $0.25 a sheet)
  • Needle and Thread
  • Scrap paper

I made a rough template of a seed and a leaf and proceeded to cut out the shapes. This next part is key… make the most use of your time! As a busy mom, trying to juggle my part time work at home, keeping up with the blog, raising my daughter and trying to have time for my husband, I have little time for the actual crafting part of things that I enjoy!

DIY Strawberry Toddler #Halloween Costume: In Progress Shot (working in the car) |

For this project, I packed myself a little Ziplock bag of all the pieces I needed including the cutest little sewing scissors from Derek’s Great Grandma (Nana). I brought this bag along with me on several car rides where I was a passenger and got to work sewing on my pieces. I apologize for the non DSLR photo here but I wanted to make sure to grab a shot of my “work station” (aka my lap).

DIY Strawberry Toddler #Halloween Costume: In Progress Shot (Neckline incomplete) |

Here’s a close up shot on my pieces sewn on with my lovely, uneven hand sewn stitching. I’m not the most beautiful, even sewer there is. You better not turn this thing inside out or you’ll see the ugliest stitching ever! But whatever, it works!

#DIY Strawberry #Halloween Costume for a Toddler |

To finish the piece, I added some green felt around the top neckline. It didn’t look as silly to me when sewn on my lap but once I put it on her it became obvious that this last part was a little large for her small neck. Oh well! It doesn’t seem to bother her and she still looks awfully cute!

#DIY Strawberry #Halloween Costume for a Toddler |

 Can’t wait to take her around the neighborhood on Halloween! :)

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Fall Kids Craft: Leaf Sun Catchers

Fall Leaf SunCatcher Kids #Craft |

I recently shared a family play date we had when my nephews Blake and Logan. Besides enjoying some good old fashion fun with all our toys (aren’t the best toys the ones you don’t own and get to play with at someone else’s house?) and some yummy snacks provided by Happy Family, but I also made sure we’d have some crafty time when we made leaf sun catchers.


  • Contact Paper (bought a big roll of it at Walmart in the home section)
  • Ripped up pieces of Tissue Paper (AC Moore 50% coupon my friends!)
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Construction Paper

Fall Leaf SunCatcher Kids #Craft |

To prepare, I cut two of the same size pieces of contact paper per child. Peel away the adhesive cover to one piece and use painter’s tape to stick it to the wall, sticky side out. Save the matching piece for later. Next, cut out leaf outlines from construction paper and add to the sticky panels.

Fall Leaf SunCatcher Kids #Craft |

The kids took the tissue paper pieces and stuck them to the paper any which way they pleased.  They started to make a game out of it, applying them as fast as they could to all the sticky parts.

Fall Leaf SunCatcher Kids #Craft |

Once they were thoroughly covered, we stuck the other piece of contact paper to the sheet to sandwich our tissue paper creations inside. With one rough cut and a little exposed area of contact paper later, we stuck them up on the sliding glass doors to let the sun shine through.

Koala Crate >>

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Handmade With Love XIII

As a crafter, I know how long it takes to make some handmade gifts. Items I receive need more than the few minutes of love I can give it, so I’m happy to post these Handmade with Love posts that showcase great handmade cards or gifts I have received.

Handmade Plush Stuffed Animal from The Woven Soul Etsy Shop |

Check out this super adorable little plush animal from my friend’s etsy shop, The Woven Soul. You may have noticed her icon on my sidebar these past few months as she’s a current blog sponsor showcasing some super cute sewn and knit products for adults and kids alike.

She gifted Brielle this little kitty plushie, which is just her size! I opened the box and said “give her a hug” and this is what she did. She’s been carrying her kitty around ever since! I highly recommend checking out the shop to pick up a little plushie for someone you know!


Handmade 1st birthday cards |

A birthday can’t go by in this house without some sort of handmade creations being received! This year she received the above two handmade cards from her Gwenma and Liz, both Handmade with Love regulars. Looks like my creative energy is rubbing off on my mom (sorta haha)!

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DIY Halloween Couples Costume: Bun in the Oven Pregnancy Reveal {Guest Post}

Stop right there. Before you jump to conclusions – NO this post is not an announcement by me!  You may remember my bestie Allie showing off her Handmade Owl Costume and Pacman themed couples costumes in previous years. Today, I’m happy to report that she’s back with another guest post featuring the costumes she and her husband wore last year when announcing their pregnancy to their neighbors’ at the annual Halloween party! Check out how she made this adorable “announcement” costume, which she is now reading about with her almost six month old! :)

DIY Pregnancy Reveal Halloween Costumes Costume: Bun in the oven |

We’ve got a BUN in the OVEN!

I was all prepared to do a step-by-step write-up of this year’s couples Halloween costume announcing to our friends/neighbors that we are expecting, but the costume steps were a little too independent to find that necessary.  Instead, I’ll show off the finished product for inspiration and below I will provide my tips/thoughts on the various components:

DIY Pregnancy Reveal Halloween Costumes Costume: Bun in the oven |

The oven: I initially expected to put myself in a big box again for this costume, but I learned my lesson from my pacman costume last year, and decided to find a smaller and more manageable option.

  • For the oven I recycled the top of box that ships a ream of paper.
  • I used a hole punch on the top and bottom of the left and right sides of the oven to run string through so the oven could hang from me.
  • The box top had writing on it so I covered it up with recycled 11×17″ paper.
  • Tip: You may want to use 2 of the paper wrappers so you can cover the inside of the oven as well – at least the edge where people will see (lesson learned from pacman)
  • Tip: Use double sided tape to attach the wrapper to the large “front” of the box/front of the oven in a few spots (think about where your oven cut out will be and plan to tape around that). Later you will cut open the oven door and there’s nothing to hold the paper down so a little extra stick is helpful to add now, instead of trying to squeeze some tape in later.

DIY Pregnancy Reveal Halloween Costumes Costume: Bun in the oven |

The oven door:

  • Use a straight edge to define where you will make the cuts for the door.
  • I used an old scrapbooking page protector as the clear oven window.
  • Tip: Consider making your pencil marks on the inside of the box so you don’t have to erase the lines after you cut!
  • Leave enough space at the top of the box for the oven/stove top knobs.
  • When cutting out the oven window, leave enough of an oven door edge to not compromise the strength of the box when you cut the outer edge and the window. Mine isn’t that big, but I wouldn’t really recommend going any thinner.
  • Take your time when cutting, don’t rush it or you may pull the paper.
  • Use a brand new blade to make the cuts. Doing this cuts through the box really nicely. If you don’t cut all the way through the first time, flip the box and the cut other side.

DIY Pregnancy Reveal Halloween Costumes Costume: Bun in the oven |

The knobs: Oops, my stove top knobs are all ON!  I hoped to fix this before the party, but didn’t! What I did for the knobs:

  • I used a circle cutter to cut the 5 circles, a hole punch of black paper for the off/high marks and just a sharpie for the in between temperature lines.
  • For the oven I spontaneously decided to put our due date 4-14(degrees), and since I’m close to half way the knob is pointing in the middle (that one was on purpose!)
  • I used some 3D super large foam dots to get the knobs to stick out, but you could also use pieces of form core.
  • The knobs themselves are double layered (the dark gray and black layers) to provide more depth.

DIY Pregnancy Reveal Halloween Costumes Costume: Bun in the oven |

The bun: I wasn’t really sure what to do with this… I could stick something on my shirt to look like a bun or I had some stale hot dog buns and I could use one of those. I opted for the hot dog bun (cinnamon bun could work as well).  To be able to show off the bun through the window I constructed a little shelf out of cardboard inside in the oven. I added a layer of aluminum foil to the top of the shelf.  I used a little double sided tape to hold the hot dog down and secured it further with some clear craft fishing line through the cut part of the bun and taped down on the side.  It held up through the party.

DIY Pregnancy Reveal Halloween Costumes Costume: Bun in the oven |

The result: Even though the party I attended doesn’t pick a favorite costume, we were definitely voted as having the best costume this year!

It was really fun to walk through each room of the party and pause as each new group of guests took a second to digest the ‘bun in the oven’ concept. Some got it right away and squealed with delight, others would give a questioning “does that mean what I think it means?” look and others were a little slower. Overall it brought a lot of smiles to everyone’s face and our friends are still talking about it months later!

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