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After being on maternity leave for a few weeks, I dipped into my “Foodie: Want to try” Pinterest board and tried to tackle a few recipes. Afterwards, I moved them over to my “Foodie: Tried with Reviewsboard. You can find my reviews in the comment section of each post or see some detailed information below.

Cinnamon Coffee Crumb Cake

Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake RECOMMENDED! I tried out this recipe a few weeks before Christmas as I planned to make it for Christmas breakfast at my sister-in-law’s. I made the cake, as described, but used one less stick of butter and a bit less flour than listed for the topping. I also did not add the glaze as I knew the cake would be delicious without it! Sadly my neice had pink eye on Christmas Day but our plans changed and I was able to bring the second attempt at the cake as dessert at my sister’s house. It works for both reasons and was a hit!

Oven Fried Chicken RECOMMENDED! I made this but with only two large chicken breast instead of the 3 lbs listed. The time said 30 minutes on one side and then turn over for another 30. I did 20 for the second round and even that was way too long so the chicken came out dry. We did like the crust so I want to make again, just with less time for a more tender meal. Otherwise, recommended!

Chicken Fajitas RECOMMENDED! The recipe lists chicken and steak but we just did chicken. The marinade was easy to do and created a delicious flavor.  We’re big taco night fans here so it was good to have something different as the meal part instead of just ground beef all the time.

Snickerdoodle Blondies RECOMMENDED! I had these at two parties prior to making the recipe myself. They were delicious each and every time, including when I made it! (Modest much?) I followed the recipe as outlined but feel that the 25 minute lower time was a bit too little so next time I’d bake it a few minutes longer. I guess it depends on each person’s oven.

Grilled Chicken with Lemon Basil Pasta NOT RECOMMENDED! I really wanted to like this recipe. I wasn’t able to find basil so I had opted out of that part. Perhaps that was needed to make the lemon flavor not so strong as this was REALLY tart when you tasted it. I had made enough for left overs but ended up not keeping them as I didn’t like the flavor the first time around. If you try this, just make sure to follow the recipe to a T and see if it makes it less tart for you.

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