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When we went to visit our new niece a few weeks earlier at the same hospital where we were delivering, I saw how stressful it can be to want to have bonding time with your baby but also welcome visitors, in between feedings. Our hospital had no set visitors hours and besides checking in at the front desk to get a proper id badge, there was no real reason someone couldn’t pop right into your room, unannounced.

When walking through the hallways to visit, we noticed the hospital had metal frames as there was a “I’m getting my hearing test!” sign outside one door on the maternity floor. After I got to thinking about it, I came up with the below sign that was hung outside our door our entire three day stay:

Maternity Ward Family Visitors Sign - let's your prepare for unannounced visitors |

I, of course, edited the above photos to remove Derek’s actual cell, but we were happy to see everyone respected the signage! We also got many comments from nurses and hospital staff on how effective it was.

Hospital Visitor Sign Printable: Add your family's last name and new dad's cell phone number and hang outside your hospital room for your guests |

Update 2/2014: As per a suggestion from SOTD Contributor Allie, I’ve made a new printable for all the parents to be to customize and have prepared for their upcoming arrival! Click on the image above to print out this 8.5 x 11 sign. Customize with your family’s last name at the top and new daddy’s cell phone at the bottom and hang outside your recovery room!

In addition, I wanted to make another custom banner for our little girl. Background: once we found out what we were having, and could narrow down a gender, we got to work trying to pick out a name for our little bundle. Let me tell you… THAT IS HARD! With so many of our friends having kids, the amount of tv I watch with reality stars/celebrities and the people you’ve known through the years, it’s hard to come up with a name that doesn’t automatically come up with a negative personal association. While flipping through a baby name list online, I came across a few I listed out to which D and I agreed on one: Brielle. Not only did we think it was pretty, but we liked that it was a Jersey beach town. Being that we’re Jersey beach people, it seemed fitting!

Name Garland to hang on the baby crib at the hospital |

We decided to keep the name a secret until she was born, never even saying it out loud to each other when referring to my bump. We always called her “baby girl” while inside.

Name Garland to hang on the baby crib at the hospital |

At our hospital tour, we saw the mobile crib unit and did a quick measurement for her sign. After she was born, we announced the name to the nursing staff and Derek hung up her first custom craft! We photographed her all bundled up inside to make our announcements via Facebook, email and texts to family and friends. So SOTD readers, please let me introduce our beautiful 6 pound, 9 ounce baby girl Brielle Lyn, whom you’ll probably be seeing much more of in the future:

Name Garland to hang on the baby crib at the hospital |

This girl was literally born surrounded by crafts! :)

Supplies: Punch: EK Tools, Martha Stewart Crafts | Chipboard Letters: Heidi Swapp | Stickers: Jolee’s Boutique | Patterned Paper: Basic Grey | Baker’s Twine: Martha Stewart Crafts

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  1. says

    Hello, I love your name garland and was wondering if you had the measurements for the hospital bed or just the measurements that you used for the little flags. I am having baby number 2 and won’t be taking any classes so I won’t be ale to get my hand on the crib to measure it myself, so any thanks would be appreciated

      • says

        Unfortunately I don’t have true measurements of the crib as my husband only measured it against the length of his arm when we went to the class. :) BUT I can tell you is that her name is 7 letters and each flag is 1.5 inches wide on a piece of baker’s twice that was probably 2.5 ft long. I made the flags so that they had an extra flap at the top that folded over and attached to the back, but created a little pocket for the baker’s twine to slide back and forth. This way I could slide them back and forth to position and I didn’t have to be exact. Hope that helps!

        • says

          That sounds like something I would have done, measuring with an arm;0) I was hoping for some inside from you cause I didn’t want to call and bother the nurses at the hospital! Thanks so much for your measurements and making them so they will move. My sons name is 6 letters so it should work out about the same:0)

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