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09.22.12Wedding Dancing

That was Derek and I, 6 months ago today, walking out on the dance floor for our first entrance as husband and wife. For the ceremony, all the men in the bridal party wore black Converse shoes so once we were married, I put on a matching purple pair and became a wife! I HOPE this was memorable to our family and friends when they received this in the mail a few weeks back:


Yep you are reading that correctly! We sent postcards (printed via Vistaprint) to announce that our home will be growing by two feet this August using our signature Converse shoes!

Long before sending out the postcards, we gave the below gifts to my parents and my sister to share the news:


My sister was expecting her second at the time (and still preggos as she’s three days overdue) so the phrases attached to the Prego pasta sauces were very personal to our family situation. “BOTH your daughters are….Prego” and “You’re not the only one who is…Prego”.

Want to see their reaction? Luckily hubby secretly recorded it with his cell phone. My favorite part is my dad yelling at my mom for yelling. :)

Below was the email I sent Allie:


I made her stay on the phone with me while she opened it, so it was great to hear an instant reaction over the phone line!

I guess it’s only fair to give you the official warning that in months/years ahead the content of my blog may include more family-friendly, child oriented crafts and creative posts! Hope you’re ready! :)

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