Table Numbers: Destinations

In 9 years, D and I have been on our fair share of vacations around the US and internationally. Of course, my camera was always in tow! So for our wedding, instead of traditional numbered tables, we went with destinations as each table location.

(photo credit: Brad Ross Photography)

When guests left the cocktail hour area and walked towards the reception room, they found this large frame listing all the seating locations, surrounded by smaller photo frames.  These frames (which were also found at thrift stores and were finished with the same matting technique done for the family wedding photos) included photos of D and I, with a small description describing the location shown.  Guests were able to learn where their seat was, and, if desired, check out some photos of us over the years.

I liked this set up as 1) I didn’t have to make all those little escort cards and B) if people wanted to look at photos of us they could, or if they wanted to find their seat and move on their way, they could do that also. (We all know most men probably don’t care, but older women love to look at pictures!)

Once entering the reception room, guests found their seats when reading each of the “table numbers” which included the state/country silhouette in frames the venue provided.

I added a glittered heart over the specific area of that state/country for a little touch of gold to complete my black, white and gold color combo.  Sure, it was probably just as much work as creating those little escort cards, but I liked the personalization the photos brought to our big day!

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