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I’ve seen a big trend on Pinterest and wedding blogs of brides making or decorating a box for guests to include their cards. Music has always been a bit part of our relationship as we’ve attended countless concerts (including our June trip to Austin to see a reunion tour of a retired band). I thought this musical theme would make a great fit for our card box when choosing D’s old guitar case as the base!

To make sure people knew what to do with it, I made a “cards” garland to hang from the lid that was made of paper rosettes. Here’s a little tutorial showing the process:

Step 1. Cut (2) 12″ strips of paper for each rosette. Mine were 2 1/2 x 12″ in size. For a decorative touch, use an edge punch along one edge.

Step 2. Score down the length of the paper at every 1/2″ mark. I used my Martha Stewart Scoring Board for this step.

Step 3. Accordion fold both strips, adhering them together to make one long accordion piece. Curve the piece, as shown, to form the rosette shape. Adhere the other ends together to form a circle.

Step 4. Punch a circle shape from a scrap of paper and add hot glue on top. Lay your paper rosette on top of this circle. This circle will be the base for your rosette. On top, apply a generous amount of hot glue in the center and in some of the creases to help hold the shape. (ps isn’t my new pink glue gun so cute?)

Step 5. Add decorative pieces to cover the glue gun mess. I added a scallop circle punch of the same script patterned paper and die cut letters spelling “Cards”.

Step 6. Add your decorated rosettes to heavier cardboard surfaces. I cut mine into pennant shapes.

Step 7. To hang my pennants, I used these miniature wood clothespins. For a special touch, I added gold glitter on top of the clips and used a second decoupage glue to seal in the glitter as best I could.

Step 8. Attach a long ribbon to the inside lid of the guitar case. (I used pins to secure it to the felt so it could be easily removed). Use the glittered clothespins to hang the pennants created.

Once complete, our guitar case was ready collect special messages from our guests!

Guitar case as Card box for wedding |

(photo credit of above image: Brad Ross Photography)

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