Year of Date Nights: September

Year of Date Nights Gift = 12 gifts opened all year round! Great alternative for Bridesmaid gift to Bride #wedding |

In April, 7 bridesmaids and I helped to host a bridal shower in which we gave the bride-to-be a gift to last the whole year. Read the opening explanation about “A Year of Date Nights” here.

#17 on my 30 before Thirty was to buy something cool in an antique store. I had mentioned that I was altering this to be “thrift store” and I wasn’t able to share yet.

I’ve always wanted to do one of those gifts that is built in a hollowed out book so finally, this was my chance! I went to a thrift store with my aunt and found this awesome Shakespeare book of sonnets.  I followed the tutorial on this blog, which was so well explained that I didn’t have any problems on the first try!

For the September Date Night, we wanted to send Allie and Tim to a comedy show. Since we gave her the gift 6 months prior to using it, we knew we wouldn’t have access to the shows available that month.

However, I was lucky enough to land on the “Comedy of Errors” sonnet of the book when hollowing it out, so it became the perfect place to explain our gift.

The accordion folded message included locations for both comedy clubs and $50 to use towards the purchase of tickets for their show of choice. Have fun laughing away Allie and Tim!

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