Quick and Easy Recipe: Pesto Pasta

I have never claimed to be a good cook, in fact I know very little as I’m still learning! But I wanted to share one quick dinner that I always have at the ready in my cabinet.

The pesto sauce mix is one of the pasta sauces from Knorr. It only requires the addition of water and olive oil and, of course, pasta. I chose to make this batch with the Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta  Rotini style and a slight sprinkling of grated cheese.

This pesto pasta mix makes a great hot lunch or dinner, but it’s also a perfect cold summer salad, as a pasta salad addition for a bbq!

As an added bonus, I just want to state that I also made this Healthy Chicken Nuggets recipe recently, which I had found through Pinterest. It’s yummy and I’m keeping it on the go forward list!

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