DIY Personalized Hangers Tutorial

I came across this wedding DIY blog months ago and was inspired by her craftiness! In scrolling down, I especially loved the personalized bridesmaid hangers, which I had seen all over, but for $30 a pop! This Danielle inspired me that, I too, could make my own!


  • Wood Hangers (taking a cue for Danielle, I purchased a 5 pack at Bed Bath and Beyond ($5.99 plus coupon!)
  • Wire (20 gauge found in the floral supply area at Michaels, but I would suggest even getting a thicker one if possible!) – I ended up needing (2) 10 yard packs. 1 pack was enough for my 3 bridesmaid hangers, but I didn’t enough to make my mrs. hanger
  • Pliers (I pulled out all my Jolee’s Jewels pliers and wire cutters from my jewelry supply)
  • Pencil/Paper (not shown)
  • Drill (not shown)

Research! Check out personalized hangers on etsy and websites to see how they make their letters. Sketch out your names so you can make sure you understand the length you need and the shapes.

Begin creating! I mostly did this by hand, using the round nose pliers to mold the curves and squeeze together tight areas (like the loops of “n”s). I also found it helpful to use the pliers to make a tight turn after angled letters. For example, I made the “m” for Melanie, then used the pliers to create the tight angle to make one straight piece before creating the following “e”.  I started from the bottom up, so hopefully you see my progress as I moved along. However, when I was done, I went back to make Allie a new one, as the MOH needs a good looking hanger too!

Drill! My lovely fiance was put in charge of this step. He created 2 holes in the hangers, inside the notch area where the shoulder straps would lay.

Thread the wire through, then loop around to secure, cutting off any excess wire.

Voila! I know these aren’t the most professional personalized hangers ever, but they are mostly a one time photo op use. For this beauty shot here, I hung each bridemaid dress I personally wore at each of their weddings. :)

I even made one for myself for the gown shots.

Thanks again for supporting us on our big day, girls!

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