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These are all my scrapbooks. While my outside labeling is a bit on the ghetto side (chipboard shapes tied on the spines with ribbons), it does serve it’s purpose. The first page of each scrapbook was always something I tried to make unique. I used to think of it like a table of contents page of a book as one book used to include a full year or section of a year.

Here’s a few examples of my scrapbook title pages through the years:

In 2007, my title page consisted of 12 circles labeled with the month and color coordinated embellishments. Around the circles, I’d write about highlighted events that filled the pages within the book.

(supplies: patterned paper: EK Success; Stickers: Jolee’s, EK Success; Chipboard letters: Heidi swapp)

In 2008, I continued this same trend, only this time going for all the black and white embellishments in my collection. I also made sure there was more room to write about these adventures and little notes about the month.

(supplies: patterned paper: Stacy Clair Boyd; Stickers: Jolee’s, Target $1 spot, bookworks)

Apparently in 2009, I got a little lazy. I went with these 7 gypsies calendar journaling cards and used them to write in our stories, without any embellishment accents. This really looks more ‘table of contents’ like.

(patterned paper: 7 gypsies)

Starting in 2010, I began using a photo to start off the books. This is also the last year that my book truely started on the first of the year. Now, when they get too fully, I just continue onto another book and keep going, with no true stating title page.

(supplies: sticker: Jolees)

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