Vanessa’s Group Wine Gift

In mid July, Vanessa’s bridesmaids got together for a bachelorette weekend celebration in Atlantic City before her big day. As Vanesssa already got lots of lingerie gifts at her bridal shower, Sherryl, of Sweet Little Nothings, found this cute idea as a group gift for the bride.

Each bridesmaid picked one hopefully upcoming reason for Vanessa and her husband Kevin to celebrate a milestone with a bottle of wine. We each bought a bottle and decorated or hung a tag to describe the reason for that bottle. I picked first baby.

The few examples I saw online were meant to celebrate the news of being pregnant and basically said for the husband to sit and drink the bottle by himself while the nine months passed for the pregnant wife. What fun is that? Instead, I took the approach of a parental time out after the baby arrives and the babysitter is near.

I wrote the above poem in my typically favorite rhyme scheme: ABCB and decorated it with Martha Stewart Crafts baby stickers. Hopefully Vanessa and Kevin will be enjoying this next chapter sooner than later! :)

I apologize for the horrible day of photos below. She opened her wine bottle gifts in a hotel room with really horrible lighting so I refrained from using a flash to not wash out the white papers. Instead it resulted in some blurry photos!

Some other milestones included honeymoon, like the bottle on the left decorated by kate with paint pens drawn all over the bottle and the “almost a bride” occassion hand written by Natalie with some wedding stickers as accents.

The above bottle was made by fellow crafter, and previous guest poster, Liz Urso. She crafted a 3 part tag to include the “First Fight” milestone (celebration of making up!), the cute tag describing it and an ADORABLE sketch of Vanessa and Kevin, her hubby to be!


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    This is a perfect gift for any perfect occasions. For those who always love wine this is what they always wanted and your post gives me an idea on how to make my gift beautifully.

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