TinyPrints Kid Stationery

I’ve been into arts and crafts for as long as I can remember. Latch hook kits, friendship bracelets, drawings all over notebooks, that was my thing. Exhibit A:

This is a drawing I made in elementary school on one of my manila folders that is now framed and hanging in my craft room. “Tara’s Monument with Art”. Not “of art” but “with art”. So maybe I didn’t have the greatest grammar skills, but I was a young artist.

My sister, Melanie, on the other hand, did not get the handmade gene. Sure she can color and do basic crafts, but she doesn’t have the passion for it like I do. Right now, she’s working on her skills to be a great mom to my little nephew Blake, who just celebrated his first birthday.

Since Melanie isn’t into the whole handmade card thing, I was very excited when I was surfing around the Tiny Prints site and discovered they had personalized kid stationery to write notes on! If you don’t know, Tiny Prints is a sister site to Wedding Paper Divas, the site I used for bridal shower invitations, my save the dates and my wedding invitations. Readers of my blog have definitely heard me rave about the awesome printing and customer service of WPD before, so it didn’t take much to hop on board the Tiny Prints train too! Check out their collection of birth announcements, party invitations and stationery for babies and kids.

I thought this Fun Skies design, personalized with Blake’s name would be a great solution for my sister if she needed to write a quite thank you or note on behalf of Blake.

Disclosure: Tiny Prints provided me with the stationery set seen above. However, the opinions expressed in this post about the product and company are all mine. I do not sway my readers to sites, companies or products which I do not stand behind. Read my discloser page here.

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