Summer Beach Party Cupcakes

Recently, we attending a joint birthday party celebration for 2 brothers. Mikey was turning 5 and Charlie was turning 2. These boys were very lucky to have talented aunts who cut, chopped and baked their dessert table for the party.

Charlie, like most 2 year olds, loves cars, trucks and motorcycles. Aunt Christine made him a motorcycle race track cake, complete with mini motorcycle toys that later needed to be cleaned off immediately for play!

Mikey, on the other hand, had a summer beach party theme with an awesome cupcake stand, shark watermelon fruit basket and shark sugar cookies made by Aunt Anette.

Anette cut a watermelon like a shark with a large open mouth to fill with cut fruit and Sweddish fish. Insert some Barbie legs and the vicious and delicious dessert display was complete!

Check out these cupcakes! Can you believe the above shark design was made from a Twinkie?

Look closely and you’ll see that the people inside the donut tubes, were made from nilla wafers! The buoys were made with a mini cone turned upside down with a lollipop down the middle.

Nice job Christine and Anette! Happy Birthday Charlie and Mikey!

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