Pruning My Japanese Maple Tree

I’ve learned my lesson when it came to making sure you pay attention to your landscaping and plants all year long. Sure, the spring and summer is a great time to let your plants grow and flourish but they still need maintaince, especially when it comes to trimming plants with distant shapes and designs. Remember this overgrown mess?

Yep, that’s our weeping cherry tree, which I am vowing to pay attention to this summer and trim when needed. I’m happy to say in recent inspection, it seems to be growing and weeping in it’s correct form.

This spring, I also noted this soon to be overgrown mess:

It’s a Japanese Maple Tree that grows with beautiful red colored leaves that get even deeper in the fall season. The ideal look of this tree includes a high, full top without branches touching the ground. And it should also have some exposed areas of the lower trunk.

After watching this great “How to Prune a Japanese Maple” video, I went outside with clippers in hand, ready to even lay on the ground as directed on screen.

Voila, here’s my japanese maple tree in it’s beautiful pruned appearance at the front door to welcome guests!

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