Sunflower and ladybug Cupcakes

Working in a company of mostly women, you tend to be around a lot of great bakers and therefore great desserts. And office workers, men or women, love to celebrate birthdays with said baked goods! The other day I came across these adorable cupcakes in the aftermath of a birthday celebration in our kitchen common area… aka I didn’t make these!

Sunflower Oreo Cupcakes with ladybug M&Ms |

These were made by a girl named Amanda and I thought they were so cute, I took a few pictures! (before snagging a sample for myself, of course!)

Sunflower Oreo Cupcakes with ladybug M&Ms |

Basic explanation: Yellow cupcake with green colored vanilla frosting, topped with a flower petal surrounded Oreo cookie and an M&M on top that is frosted like a ladybug. How adorable is that? Besides getting down the flower petal technique using an icing tip, it doesn’t seem that hard of a cupcake design, so give it a try!

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