How to make a Ribbon Bouquet for the Rehearsal

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It’s bridal shower season! In the last few months I’ve gone to 4, including 2 for weddings I’m in and I hear mine is on it’s way soon!

Instead of a paper plate hat, today I wanted to share a modern take and teach you how I make a ribbon bouquet. In theory, the bride uses this bouquet at her rehearsal the night before the big day as she practices walking down the aisle.


  • Strong paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbons/Bows from the gifts received (not shown)

Before attending, cut several holes in the plate, with the biggest in the center. I’ve seen places online that say to make one hole in the center of the plate, but I find it’s actually easier if there are several places to thread the ribbons through.

As the bride opens her gifts, have the bridemaids hand you any ribbons or bows. For ribbons that don’t have a bow, make your own, then thread the loose ends through the holes in the plate.  Use tape to attach any of the premade bows. Use thin ribbons along the edges and curl with your scissors by running the blade along the ribbon.

Continue to fill the bouquet with collected bows until the present reveal is complete! I promise this will not look like anything as you start, but will take shape as you continue making it.

Once you have collected all the bows, begin braiding those that are hanging through the holes. This braid will become the handle to carry the bouquet at the rehearsal.

In the end, the bride will be ready to use her ribbon bouquet at the rehearsal when she practices walking down the aisle for her big day!

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