Handmade Christmas Ideas

Christmas Countdown Clock

As it is less than one month until the present filled Christmas holiday, I thought I’d list out some ideas of handmade gifts you can make a loved one! Some of these are items which I’ve made myself in past years or ones which may be in the works for this year!

  • Decorate a Picture Frame or Shadowbox.
  • A Set of Handmade Cards for the Year. Create either a coordinated set, or individual cards that experiment with techniques you’ve learned throughout the year. Try a Use Your Stash challenge to clean up your own mess and make a gift at the same time!
  • Jewelry. Get a simple silver chain, some eyepins, charms and beads and mix together a great bracelet gift! Or offer to turn all the charms someone might be collecting themselves into a bracelet as the gift.
  • Make a new mom or new parent a diaper cake!
  • Buy someone a magazine subscription, but create a custom tag to describe their gift!
  • Buy someone a bunch of gift cards to their favorite restaurant and display them in a create way, such as in an accordion book!
  • Create a home decor piece for someone’s home. Use the Jackson Pollock paint method or make something else with a canvas base.


  • Don’t forget that the package is just as important as the gift itself. Decoupage a plain box, create your own gift tag from old Christmas Cards!
  • Gifts with photos of a loved one mean a lot. Throughout the year I save Coke points and collect them via MyCokeRewards. I use my rewards to get Snapfish photo related products (photo books, prints etc) and use them for gifts!

And if you need some stocking stuff ideas, I found this via Pinterest:

Check back after the holiday to see posts about items I’ve handmade for Christmas 2012!

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