Guest Post: Handmade Owl Costume

I’m so excited to present my first ever guest post by my good friend Allie!!!

With the name Allison, she was given the nickname “Owlison,” as she has a slight admiration for these cute, trendy animals.  For Halloween this year, Allie became inspired by this Owl costume found via Pinterest and she made her own version for a neighborhood party! Take it away Allie!


  • Felt Sheets (white, light brown and beige)
  • White Feathers
  • White Plastic Mask
  • XL men’s collared shirt (purchased at Target. I wanted to make sure to have something long. Plus it was less than $5!)

altered tshirt for owl costume

Alter the Shirt:

I cut the stitches out of the collar and pulled the collar out.  I also cut off the sleeves. I turned the shirt inside out and my fiance pinned the excess width to the back of the shirt – it actually looked like wings sticking out the back.  I also pinned the tops of the shoulders of the sleeves so they would be more like a tank top sleeve instead of a cap sleeve.  I pinned down the front button area to make a V. Lastly I pinned the arm holes closed an inch or two more than they were originally.

adding feathers to a handmade owl costume

Decorating the shirt:

A month before Halloween, I made a pattern and cut out many “feathers” from the white, light brown and beige felt. Starting at the bottom, I used fabric glue to attach the feathers to the shirt. Tip: Randomly select colors layer in a brick style pattern.

Mask for owl costume


For the mask I cut the eye holes larger and used hot glue to attach a few white feathers.

Handmade Owl Costume

Wearing the costume:

On the day of the party, I paired my top and mask with a white long-sleeve shirt, tight black pants and black shoes.  I was all set to stay warm on this rare October day in which it SNOWED!

A special thanks to Alllie for sharing her ADORABLE Owl Costume with my blog readers!! Isn’t she cute?

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