Favorites Party

This past weekend I hosted my first “Favorites Party.” I learned about this concept over a year ago via Inchmark blog and have been seeing it pop up recently.

A Favorites Party is where each person selects a favorite thing or two to introduce to the group. It can be a favorite cosmetic, snack, gadget etc. Each guest presents their favorite thing and brings 5 of the same item with them (they can be different flavors or colors). In our case, we set a $5-$10 price total for whatever your favorite(s) were so that no one spent more than $50. (Tip: email invitees prior to ask if the price limit works in their price range).

When you arrive at the party you write you name on 5 slips of paper and put it in a bowl. Each person picks 5 slips of paper, making sure they don’t get their own. Then they introduce their favorite thing(s) and read the 5 names they picked from the bowl, who go home with these new items.

It was a great excuse to do something different for a girls night and I think everyone had a good time.

The Favorites

Thirst Quencher reuseable cup

  • Thirst Quencher Cup – This was one of my recommendations. It’s double insolated so condensation from cold drinks won’t appear on the outside! Since my desk at work and my craft space at home are covered in paper and other crafts, I am comfortable having this at my desk knowing the condensation won’t leak on my stuff. With the straw top, I feel like I subconsciously sip much more often than taking the lid off a bottle. This cup has made me increase my daily water consumption (#15 on my 30 Before Thirty list) when I fill it up 2-3 times while in the 9 hours at the office! I had to use it as one of my favorites to present (purchased at Home Goods, of course!)
  • Bath and Body Works Foaming Hand Soaps – Since we set a $5-10 limit on our gifts, I wanted to present another favorite to the group. Go to any sink in my last two apartments or our house and you’ll find these foaming soaps.  I love that I feel like I have clean hands without having to use so much water to wash off the soak from regular pump soaps.

  • Reuseable tote bag (it folds up super small but stretches out really big! Note: Lots of stores, like Shoprite and Target, now give you $0.05 – $0.10 back when you use a reuseable bag!)
  • Solar Powered Dancing Flower – to brighten up your office space!

  • Essie nailpolish and nailfile (my toenails now are sporting the School Of Hard Rocks as I type this!)
  • Trident layers gum – three different flavor combinations!
  • Soft lips chapstick
  • Fingerless gloves that had a convertable mitten so you could use a smart phone while staying warm!

Since everyone would be leaving with at least 5 favorite items, I decided to craft up a little thank you bag (above) for each guest to carry their goodies home.

Find more details on these tags and other aspects of the Favorites Party in an upcoming post!


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