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I love my house. I just wish I had a master bathroom. But since I don’t, I wanted to make a space in our master bedroom to get ready so I don’t clutter the counters of our only full bath. Standard vanities seemed so old school to me so instead I went on the hunt for something a little more modern.

Behold my vanity area where I get ready:

Target calls it an “Anywhere Desk” and I chose my bedroom to be my anywhere.

Vanity Desk

To accessories the space, I of course ran to Home Goods. After many trips to many Home Goods locations, I finally found my comfy vanity stool. (who can resist a paisley print?)

Paisley Print Vanity Stool

The keyboard drawer was actually the perfect oops I discovered. There’s a hole in the back of the drawer for the cords to slip through and be plugged in. Convieniently I use this drawer to hold my hair straightener with the cord going through this hole.  The Fench themed canvas box on top holds my hair dryer, brushes and clips, while the matching drawer dividers add some functional, pretty storage solutions in the drawer. I bought the bronze tabletop mirror on clearance for $10 at Home Goods, but I am finding that due to the lack of strong light in the mornings, I need to get a lit vanity lamp. (hello Christmas wish list!)

Vanity drawer containing makeup and hidden accessories

I can finally check one thing this off my Home Decoration to do list.

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