Ga Ga for Garlands!

I’ve seen this trend for some time now, garlands! Physical garlands on mantle pieces or hung on dessert tables, and pennant style garlands strung on layouts and cards. I decided to try one out for myself!

I decorated the front of a card using coordinating patterned papers, Next, I created a template that, when folded, would create a pennant.

This pennant was sandwiched on a piece of colored baker’s twine which hung the garland pieces.

I decided to make a little knotch on the top edge of the card and a hold on the fold so that I could string the garland piece. I love the style which includes a little bow on both edges so the hole and notch helped to secure the twine which was tied to another piece inside the card.

With a few other embellishment pieces and some alphabet stickers, the card turned into a “YAY it’s your birthday” pennant style garland card!

birthday cards make with garland design

 (Supplies: Stickers – Jolees Boutique, Paper – Martha Stewart Crafts)

I sent three of these birthday cards to my July bday gals, AK, AG, AK2 and HS! Happy birthday girls! (especially AK2 who’s is today!)

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